Ecclestone says no engine deal yet: ‘there will be trouble ahead’

It was announced last week that the FIA’s F1 Commission and F1 Strategy group met to discuss the engine issue that lingers like the smell of a Yankee Candle store at a mall. It was agreed that manufacturers would be willing to reduce the cost of the engine supply contracts to approximately 12 million but now it seems that F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone could be a Yankee Candle store fan as he’s keeping the “cheap engine” notion alive and well saying:

“Until we get an engine that can be built at a lot less cost, yes, there will be trouble ahead,”

This means that the original threat of a alternative engine format for F1 still could be something the FIA and Formula One Management (FOM) could still decide that a second specification is possible.

He understand the need to protect the current manufacturer dominance and agrees that if he were in the same situation, he would be against any changes to the engine regulations but he also knows that gives the teams more power in F1 which is something the FIA and FOM are concerned with.

“If we have a meeting of the F1 Commission and these two guys decide on something, which they do together, they have enough votes to stop anything going through, so they are controlling F1,”

What does this all mean? It means that a reduced engine supply contract amount may not be enough to satisfy the FIA or FOM although it appeared from press reports that it was last week. Ecclestone doesn’t recognize last week’s agreement as endorsed by the FIA as an agreement or the end of the issue.

Hat Tip: BBC Sport

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Paul KieferJr

So, the hammer is still being held high. I wonder when it’s going to come down.


When RBR gets access to a current spec Merc or Ferrari for 2017?


Are they entitled to those? If inequality exists, this is FOM, FiA problem, because that is how they are running series for very long time, yet we should not forget, that F1 never was about equality, and RB ownership and management should know this before they accepted CA.


Of course they’re not entitled, and yes my comment was a little mischievous. RBR’s engine dramas certainly helped BE galvanise support from Todt in their decision to do something about the state of power units – and its all about who controls F1. Until the recent agreement, manufacturers could send a team completely out of the sport by refusing to supply them with any engine, and of course the pricetag is high enough to send backmarkers to the walll. Even now supply is guaranteed & price capped from 2018, they can still determine who gets a competitive engine and who… Read more »

Paul KieferJr

Rule #1: Never let the inmates run the asylum.

The Sarcastic SOB

The minute that Manor gets access to an RBR chassis then we have something to talk about.


There’s nothing stopping Manor building their own, they just need to put the investment in which they’ll obviously struggle to do as a backmarker. Also, chassis design & aero developments are clearly visible to everyone. If a team makes a breakthrough with aero there’s nothing stopping other teams from copying, even in the middle of a season. RBR has never had a built-in unfair chassis advantage that other teams have no hope of matching for season after season. Engines are a completely different matter. Only car manufacturing companies have the knowledge and resources needed to build the highly complex power… Read more »


I think there is no hammer, and there was not one for very long time, but if he wants to jump over the edge, let him do that. My take on this is, that CVC would however send him packing bags first in any sign of such desperation.


Bernie is CVC’s Golden Goose. They’re not going to let him go unless he’s dead or barren. The latter being more likely than the former.

Bernie is just as savvy as he’s always been. This is not desperation, this is cold calculation.

Paul KieferJr

I would posit that Formula 1 is CVC’s “golden goose” and they’re choking it to death.


F1 wouldn’t be a golden goose without Bernie’s expert Husbandry.


Aren’t the agreed cost reductions only coming into force in 2018? Meaning another two years without a solution for engines which are too expensive? I think that’s the basis for BE’s complaints.

Negative Camber

I think you’re right. The FIA seemed to imply that no further action was needed but with the teams waiting until 2018, that’s not immediate relief and if the teams who were complaining loudly say a 2018 price reduction is fine, then I question their initial complaint period. I suspect BE knows that the agreement for a reduction is not enough to dislodge the manufacturer control of the sport.


That. And also Bernie’s not going to agree to anything unless he get’s something in compensation for his endorsement. He’s been given power, and he’s not going to simply relinquish it because someone came up with a reasonable proposal. He many not need to wield the power he was given to solve the problem he was given the mandate for, but don’t think for a second that he won’t.