Ecclestone says no reason to change TV coverage

As we head into the Russian Grand Prix weekend, I was already intrigued about the TV coverage given the concern Mercedes had over the lack of screen time they had in the Japanese GP. Like Clockwork, the press asked the question for us and F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone replied:

“People say there is no overtaking so what we showed is a helluva lot of overtaking,” Ecclestone said in Sochi today. “Actually if you look at the figures I think nearly all the teams got more or less the same amount of coverage.

“It’s no good just showing… We had the same with Michael. People don’t want to see one car alone on the track. If there’s some racing going on at the front, it’s good.”

I will admit that I did enjoy seeing much of the mid-field battles in Japan. I do know this is a bit of Mr. E being Mr. E. I would not be surprised if the coverage was tweaked a little to balance the front of the field a little more. I wouldn’t expect it to be a wholesale change in their approach but perhaps a little more Merc this weekend?

Hat Tip: Adam Cooper

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If Mercedes want TV coverage, all they need do is tune their engines back a little in order to fight with Ferrari, and/or encourage Nico to try & overtake Lewis rather than sitting 2 seconds behind him the whole race. If Merc are happy to cruise off into the distance with not even an inter-team battle to spice things up, then who can blame Bernie for pointing the cameras elsewhere?

Daniel Johnson

The racing up front is processional for the most part. No one can touch Lewis. Some weeks Vettel and Roseburg are fighting but really the fights get interesting the farther you get away from the podium.

Also just take a look at the quality and talent in the midfield this year. Plucky teen Max Verstappen is must watch, Kimi fighting is worth the price of admission. It’s good tv and that’s what you’re trying to sell.