Ecclestone tips Kubica for Williams seat

Robert Kubica Private Test Day. Valencia, Spain. 6th June 2017 Images copyright Malcolm Griffiths 07768 230706 USAGE: Editorial Only World Wide

Former F1 racer, Robert Kubica, has had another test. This time it is with Williams F1 and there is another scheduled for next week in Hungary. Kubica ended his F1 career abruptly after nearly losing his right arm in a rally crash.

The injury has been the topic of discussion for some time. Can Robert make a return to F1 and have enough mobility, strength and agility to manage a complex steering wheel and the force involved? From his initial test with Renault, the general comments have been that he is 80% but who knows what that percentage is really measured to or what the metric is?

In the end, former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone believes Williasm should give Kubica a chance.

“If Robert had not have had his accident, then I think by now he would have been world champion anyway,” Ecclestone told Autosport.

“I think he can come back even stronger than before.

“Mentally, I think probably he will be more aggressive than he was then: so I can only see good, good things for him.

“In terms of his physical conditions, years and years ago, when I had a race team, we had a guy called Archie Scott-Brown who drove for us.

“Archie was bloody quick and he was in a worse position than Robert, much worse, and he managed to be very successful and bloody quick.

“I don’t think his injury will hold him back.”

There’s been very little written about his injury, what limitations it has created for Robert and how that might impact him in a F1 car. Robert certainly doesn’t speak about it much so we’ll have to take his word and the stopwatch as the answer to that question.

“If he does what I think he is going to be do – be even better than before – then people will get behind him,” said Ecclestone. “He will be good to have for Formula 1.

“If I were Williams, I would definitely try to persuade him to join.

“Maybe they are going to lose Felipe Massa at the end of the year, I should think he has probably had enough, and if Robert is on board then he might wake up a lot of people there.

“The team hasn’t been performing as well as it should have done, and whether it is because of drivers or the team in general, I don’t know. Nobody knows.

“So it would be nice to get a guy who should be quick in the car to find out.”

Robert was very quick prior to his accident in rallying and perhaps Bernie is right. If Robert can re-capture that pace, he might be a good move for Williams but I’m not sure how he would be as a marketing or sponsor darling, he doesn’t strike me as that kind of guy.

Nico Rosberg has taken an interest in Kubica’s career and is working to help him secure a ride so you never know, we may see Robert sitting in Massa’s seat com 2018.

Hat Tip: Autosport

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Bernie really does talk some cobblers, but this is taking it to a whole new level. “The team hasn’t been performing as well as it should have done, and whether it is because of drivers or the team in general, I don’t know. Nobody knows” Yes Bernie, they do. The car’s not good enough. Yes, better drivers would have got better results, but only relatively. Stick Hamilton or Vettel in and, much like Alonso at McLaren, you’d have got a better outcome, but a 10% improvement on 7th place isn’t a dial-shifter. Simply put, the car’s a bit of a… Read more »


It is unethical to put someone in a car that when stuff goes sideways could put the lives of other drivers in danger. I guess that argument could have been used against Maldonado as well…..


Bernie’s endorsement is probably the kiss of death for Kubica’s chances of a drive with Wiliams.
That’s a shame, over at Motorsports magazine knowledgeable folks like Mark Hughes are hugely supportive of Kubica getting a second chance in F1, they think he’s Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso level talent, even with an impaired arm.
Still, if Bernie’s support clears the way for DiResta to get the seat, then as an exiled Scot, that’s Braw!


Kubica is 32 years of age, hasn’t driven the new version F1 for any length of time not knowing what its total handling capabilities are – to add, what about his body? can it even hang in there considering some of the tougher and demanding courses; Spa, Spielberg, Singapore, etc. – lets face it, he has partial arm abilities, and these are not the cars he knew in the past, even if he has driven a few laps in them, its not a race, and the length of time (race) needs real consideration. So when you total it all up,… Read more »