Ecclestone: Turkey to blame for low attendance

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As one would imagine, FOM boss Bernie Ecclestone has accused the Turkish officials of failing to promote the Turkish Grand Prix resulting in a paltry 36,000 spectators over last weekend. Of course promotion is left to the indigenous and that was the suggestion about the Indy race as well. The criticism was that tony George did very little to promote the race.

“I need to speak to the Turkish prime minister soon and see what the future of the circuit is. They just don’t promote the race,” Ecclestone charged.

“They have a huge catchment area of East European and Middle East countries. The layout is brilliant, they just don’t promote it,” said Ecclestone, before joking: “Maybe they could move the whole thing to Britain.”

But it doesn’t stop there, no Mr. E feels compelled to not only skewer the Turkish organizer but also slam the British Grand Prix suggesting the juxtaposition of the two races justifies the decision he has made on both. First, to be in Turkey at all and and second, to threaten to leave Britain for ever due to shoddy facilities. Well attended race that has less-than-stellar accommodations or stellar accommodations with no people attending. I’ll take the former.


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