Ecclestone turns 80 but who’s turn is next?

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If you’ve been reading F1B for some time now, you may recall that a couple years ago we put it to you. We asked who you thought might take over the role of FIA president. You all had some very good recommendations and many had even predicted Jean Todt before anyone was hinting at such possibility.

Today we celebrate the birthday of Bernard Charles Ecclestone. Before we get on a rant here, I am on record as saying that I like Mr. E. It then stands to reason that I would take this opportunity to wish him the very best birthday wishes and a further call for many more. He is a galvanizing figure in F1 and his bio doesn’t need rendering here. you know who he is and what he has done for the sport both good and questionable.

You may not care for some of his actions and he has a reputation for being ruthless in his dealings…I am sure he is. However, F1 would not be what it is today without the hard work of Mr. E and while many fear the series has lost the plot, it has certainly created several plots in the process which have benefited thousands of people who work in all capacities within F1.

I am not going to launch into apologetics session on Mr. E but I think it only fitting that we wish him a happy birthday because while many deny his humanity, I find his humanness one of his more endearing qualities. Here, then, is what I am really getting at:

At 80-years old today Mr. E, and I have this on good authority, will not live forever (not even if they freeze his head like Walt Disney) and as such, this will mean a new ring leader for the CVC. My question is; WHO? CVC are fiercely intelligent people who hold the rights to F1 and they will need to find another person to fill that void. Who will they get? Who could possibly command the respect from all involved and get the job done?

You were all very prophetic in your guess on the FIA president role so I am very keen to hear your thoughts on the CVC role. Let us know.

PS- Mr. E, had I known you were not coming to see me, I wouldn’t have baked you this cake.


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