Ecclestone: When in Rome


F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone seems to have cooled on the idea of a race in the streets of Rome. After suggesting that the race in Rome would be plausible if certain conditions were met, he now suggests that there are a host of races being looked at across the globe and that Rome may not be on the front burner.

Reuters picked up the story from Lastampa’s website:

“In 2010 we will go to (South) Korea and the year after in India. We are trying to organise a grand prix also in New York. Too many places want to host a race. We will see,” Ecclestone told La Stampa website ( when asked about Rome.

In short? Those “certain conditions” must not have been met. Namely…money in the case of Ecclestone one would assume. However, as an American faced with the thought of a race another race in Italy or a single race in the US; I vote US.

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