Ecclestone: Won’t let F1 ‘disintegrate’

Bernie Ecclestone says that after 35 years and a divorce, F1 has consumed his life. He is not about to let it disintegrate into a split and ruin his life’s work. Telling the Times:

“I have given 35 years of my life and more to Formula 1,” Ecclestone said to The Times newspaper.

“My marriage broke up because of Formula 1, so I am sure as hell not going to let things disintegrate over what is, in the end, basically nothing.

“If you analyse the problems, there aren’t any that can’t be easily solved.”

Better start peddling quicker Bernie, Flavio is at full steam and charging ahead. He is probably getting comfortable with the idea of the being the proverbial “Bernie” of the new FOTA series.

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