Ecclestone working to secure German GP

Sure, the Nuerburgring has had some problems of late and our own Mark Hallam explored some of the issues here. It seems even amidst such dire straights, Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone is attempting to get the German Grand Prix settled before it’s July 7th date. Ecclestone told Reuters:

“It should be the Nuerburgring and we are trying to make it happen,” said Ecclestone. “I’m talking with them today.”

The circuit, as Mark points out, was heavily state (Rhineland-Palatinate) sponsored for the addition of a racing-themed amusement park and it’s the leadership of the circuit administrators that have come under scrutiny. According to Reuters, the Circuit owners, Nuerburgring GmbH, are working from insolvency administration and are at odds with the leasing group, NAG.

Both groups are said to be moving forward for the race and it’s good to know given the fact that the current world champion is German Sebastian Vettel. It would be difficult to not have a German Grand Prix given the recent success of Vettel and it would stand to reason that the German public may just support a race if they had a chance to see Sebastian race.

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