Eddie Everywhere | Podcast Ep 801

Join Grace and me as we discuss our 800th podcast, where it began, some fun facts concerning F1 and the number 800 and Fernando Alonso (Eddie Everywhere) and more. Huge thank you to all our supporters for listening all these years!

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Congrats on ticking over another milestone podcast. While I’ve only been listening the past couple of years, I glad I found you. Anyways, I know that JV can say some rather questionable things, but I think you brushed off his comments on Ricciardo’s performance a bit too easily. DR is my favourite racer, but even I can see that his performances haven’t been upto snuff since leaving Red Bull. I don’t think JV’s comments were all that controversial and the content matches alot of the criticisms that this podcast has, rightfully, had of Dan. Anyways, keep up the great work!… Read more »