Eddie Jordan slams “Medal ” concept

Eddie Jordan can be accused of many things but failing to have an opinion is not one of them. Eddie unleashed a scathing retort to Bernie Ecclestone’s Medal system for wins idea in Formula 1 by saying:

“I think the proposals are nonsense,” Jordan told the BBC. “I can’t possibly believe he’s thinking straight, especially on this one. His focus must be on cost-cutting and nothing else. The rest is just dressing it up.”

“The points are necessary,” he added. “I was one of the team principals who advocated the points should go down to eighth because one point is as important to those smaller teams as a win is to McLaren or Ferrari.”

“He’s tinkering with something on which he’s lost the understanding, he thinks only wins matter,” Jordan went on. “When Hamilton lost the Belgian race to Massa [by the stewards’ decision] can you believe the controversy that would have created? There’s not been enought though put into this and for him to say that it comes with the full approval of all the teams – I just don’t believe it.”

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