Equality-corrected, Heikki could win at McLaren

This just in, Martin Whitmarsh has issued the following statement regarding the detractors of Heikki’s performance last weekend:

Heikki has no reason to feel disappointed,” he said. “The reality is that he didn’t put a foot wrong all weekend and he looked blindingly fast in dry, damp, and full-wet conditions. Fuel-corrected he would have been on pole position comfortably.

“He struggled a little with visibility in the early stages of the race and had a few difficulties with his tyres and brake temperatures, but we are not disappointed with his result. I think we recovered very well from Saturday, very consciously played the numbers correctly on Sunday, and secured a sizeable haul of constructors’ points.

“Let’s not forget that Heikki is fearsomely quick, but is still very much developing his approach. We have a clearly defined programme for him in the weeks and months ahead and feel certain that he will only grow stronger.”

Fuel-corrected? Martin has just graduated from the Ron-Speak school of business. Congratulations Martin, that’s my new favorite phrase.

To be honest, I agree wtih you that Heikki is doing a fine job and equality-corrected, he could be leading this championship. ;)

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