Ericsson can win races

If you’ve been following our internal battle here at FBC, you’ll know that last year Paul Charsley and I had a lot of fun pitting two drivers against each other. Those drivers were Sauber pilots Marcus Ericsson and Felipe Nasr.

Paul opted to support Nasr and I, wisely, chose Ericsson. The fun lasted all season and even prompted the now famous, “You don’t Eff with the Swede!” commentary from yours truly. IT was all good funa dn this season, it’ll even be a bigger rivalry as Pascal Wehrlein will now go head-to-head against the Swede and Paul likes what he sees from the German.

The season has already started off on the right foot as an article at Autosport reveals and Paul isn’t going to like it. Team boss Monisha Kaltenborn had this to say about Ericsson:

“You have to have that determination, have that opportunity and be at the right time at the right place and I don’t see why he can’t do that,” Kaltenborn told Autosport.

“He has taken a very big step up,” she said.

“You see it in his whole appearance as well.

“He gives very valuable input to the team.

“He can definitely improve, there’s a lot to do.

“He knows his strengths and he will learn more, and with his own experience he will find his own limits and how he can work on them.”

Ericsson has spoken about how improving his mental strength has been key to his growth as a driver and Kaltenborn agreed.

“That’s very important because it’s not easy for young drivers out there, when people have their prejudices with them, for them to even handle certain situations,” she said.

“He’s found his way and he’s learned how to focus much more on things that are really important to him.

“In the last races he really took a step up.

“There is a lot of potential to come from him.”

The article, rightfully, points out what I said in our season review podcast and Paul wasn’t very keen about. Ericsson beat Nasr 12-7 in qualifying and in the races in which they both finished, Marcus was ahead nine times to four.

To Paul’s credit, Nasr was the driver who delivered the crucial points for Sauber that may have sent Manor down the drain and was critical for Sauber. However, as we head in to the 2017 season, it bears reminding Paul that one simply does not Eff with the Swede!

Hat Tip: Autosport

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