ESPN release 2018 F1 season TV schedule

If you were beginning to wonder if US fans would be able to watch Formula 1 as the series starts in just 12 days, then this news will find you a tad relived. ESPN have released their F1 schedule and channel listing for 2018. There were questions about covering all sessions of the F1 race weekend and that has been answered.

ESPN’s F1 TV listing:

Race No.RaceSessionDateStart Time (ET)Network
1Rolex Australian Grand PrixPractice 1Thursday, March 229:00 PMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, March 231:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Friday, March 2310:00 PMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, March 242:00 AMESPN2
RaceSunday, March 251:00 AMESPN2
2Gulf Bahrain Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, April 67:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, April 611:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, April 78:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, April 711:00 AMESPN2
RaceSunday, April 811:00 AMESPN2
3Heineken Chinese Grand PrixPractice 1Thursday, April 1210:00 PMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, April 132:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Friday, April 1311:00 PMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, April 142:00 AMESPN2
RaceSunday, April 152:00 AMESPN2
4Azerbaijan Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, April 275:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, April 279:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, April 286:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, April 289:00 AMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, April 298:00 AMESPN2
5Spanish Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, May 115:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, May 119:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, May 126:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, May 129:00 AMESPN2
RaceSunday, May 139:00 AMESPN2
6Monaco Grand PrixPractice 1Thursday, May 245:00 AMESPN2
Practice 2Thursday, May 249:00 AMESPNEWS
Practice 3Saturday, May 266:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, May 269:00 AMESPN2
RaceSunday, May 279:00 AMESPN
EncoreSunday, May 273:30 PMABC
7Canadian Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, June 810:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, June 82:00 PMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, June 911:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, June 92:00 PMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, June 102:00 PMABC
8French Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, June 226:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, June 2210:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, June 237:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, June 2310:00 AMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, June 2410:00 AMESPN2
9Austrian Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, June 295:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, June 299:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, June 306:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, June 309:00 AMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, July 19:00 AMESPN2
10Rolex British Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, July 65:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, July 69:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, July 76:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, July 79:00 AMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, July 89:00 AMESPN
11Emirates German Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, July 205:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, July 209:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, July 216:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, July 219:00 AMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, July 229:00 AMESPN2
12Hungarian Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, July 275:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, July 279:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, July 286:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, July 289:00 AMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, July 299:00 AMESPN2
13Belgian Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, August 245:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, August 249:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, August 256:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, August 259:00 AMESPN2
RaceSunday, August 269:00 AMESPN2
14Heineken Italian Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, August 315:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, August 319:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, Sept. 16:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, Sept. 19:00 AMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, Sept. 29:00 AMESPN2
15Singapore Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, Sept. 144:30 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, Sept. 148:30 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, Sept. 156:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, Sept. 159:00 AMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, Sept. 168:00 AMESPN2
16VTB Russian Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, Sept. 284:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, Sept. 288:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, Sept. 295:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, Sept. 298:00 AMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, Sept. 307:00 AMESPN2
17Japanese Grand PrixPractice 1Thursday, Oct. 49:00 PMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, Oct. 51:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Friday, Oct. 511:00 PMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, Oct. 62:00 AMESPN2
RaceSunday, Oct. 71:00 AMESPN2
18United States Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, Oct. 1911:00 AMESPNEWS
Practice 2Friday, Oct. 193:00 PMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, Oct. 202:00 PMESPN3
QualifyingSaturday, Oct. 20TBDESPNEWS (delayed)
RaceSunday, Oct. 212:00 PMABC
19Mexican Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, Oct. 2611:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, Oct. 263:00 PMESPNEWS
Practice 3Saturday, Oct. 2711:00 AMESPN3
QualifyingSaturday, Oct. 272:00 PMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, Oct. 283:00 PMABC
20Heineken Brazilian Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, Nov. 99:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, Nov. 912:00 PMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, Nov. 109:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, Nov. 10TBDESPNEWS (delayed)
RaceSunday, Nov. 1112:00 PMABC
21Ethiad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, Nov. 235:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, Nov. 238:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, Nov. 245:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, Nov. 248:00 AMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, Nov. 258:00 AMESPN2


Tentative schedule – subject to change

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Let me check my calender: what year is this-1995 or 2018? ESPN puts Formula-1 on the Deuce like they did back in 1995. And ESPN will not show Free Practice 2 at all except on ESPN-3(streaming?) and qualifying for the USGP will be broadcast-delayed. Seriously? Sounds like a hard push by Liberty to get widespread acceptance of its streaming service in America. A good friend warned me “be careful for you wish for” and he were absolutely right.


If ESPNews is a key channel for F1 Qualifying then I’m out. Pay too much for cable already and I’m not paying a penny more for a special streaming service or for more channels like ESPNews. I made sure to have NBC Sports in my subscription package before and I always had qualifying and races events DVR’d. I’ve also made the trip to COTA numerous times, so consider myself a relatively good fan (ie I spend money on the sport when the product is worth it). Liberty Media has prioritized squeezing us for money above delivering a consistent quality product.… Read more »

Doug Patterson

I had to look up what ESPN3 was. …surprised it’s not on The Ocho. >:( It’s a shame that talks broke down between Liberty and NBC.


1st, let me thank you for posting these times and dates.
2nd, ESPN3 and ESPN News are available to only 22.5% of ESPN subscribers (and for those that aren’t, they come in a package only with other channels, with DishTV adding over $20 a month).

Richard Bunce

Noticed that on my guide… I have PCs connected to all my TVs so ESPN3 good for me… any word on whether all sessions will be on ESPN video on demand on the website? Would rather not get up in the middle of the night to watch live. Still waiting to see what F1 TV looks like or go back to my streaming service for Sky F1…

The Captain

Welp, this is what I was afraid of as soon as I saw “our platforms” in the press releases. We’re loosing FP2 on Tv. ESPN 3 is only available over the web. I guess having FP3 is o.k. but I’ll probably never watch it (that’s just too much for one Saturday during the summer). Like everything else about this ESPN deal it would be nice on top of FP2, not as a replacement. I had a nice ritual of ending the work day on Friday and firing up the DVR to watch FP2 while I made/ate dinner. Made the race… Read more »


I think I’ll stick to streaming Sky, thank you.


I’ll defend ESPN here…more TV than I actually expected because I didn’t think qually would make the cut. ESPNnews is a bit of a disappointment but let’s remember, ESPN2 in 2018 is not ESPN2 of 1995. ESPN2 has much more market penetration than FS1 and NBCSN.

Tim C

If Liberty Media is wanting to get more eyeballs watching it’s product, this isn’t the way to go about it. Looks like I’ll be finding other things to fill the time I would have been watching F1.


So it looks like I won’t be DVR’ing any of the Practice Sessions on ESPN3. It’s only available on streaming with my cable provider (Spectrum). Let’s see what the OTT package looks like. If it only does live streams, I’ll be watching a lot less F1 this year.


I have almost never gotten ESPN3 or GO or whatever the silly service is to work reliably. Their stream is such that you are never securely “in” and you get buffered and stalled to death. Not the majority of time, but I would say a plurality it just won’t…do…anything. Also, if there are commercials, they come in annoying long blocks and of course when those stall out, you can’t come back in ahead and, well, you can see where this death spiral leads. Although the good news is that, by comparison, even a deeply flawed brand new buggy F1 app… Read more »


I’ll just keep streaming it on Sky, I’m sure ESPN will terrorize the feed with commercials every 5mins.


At least they’re covering all the sessions. There is a tab for ‘replays’ on ESPN3, you can watch the Firestone Grand Prix now. It’s 720p, but the encoding doesn’t look great on my 1440p computer monitor (I’m guessing it will look better through AppleTV on a tv). The ads remain, but some seem to be replaced by ESPN promos.

I’ll be subscribing to the OTT Service regardless, but depending upon who Liberty uses for the on-air talent, I’ll probably still download the ad-free Sky coverage.


Just when I was enjoying and getting into F1, espn stifles it. Well, baseball season starts in a couple weeks.

Robert Baxter

what is espn 3

John from CA

Anyone else notice ESPN only blocked out 1 hour for practice and 1 hour for quali?


I noticed ESPN2 has a 30 min show Formula 1: On The Grid scheduled right before the race on Sunday. May be some pre-race commentary from somebody…..?