Exclusive: F1B Downshift- JR Hildebrand interview

JR Hildebrand
With much of the talk in F1 centered on testing roles, third-drivers and the current struggle to make it to F1, F1B thought it would be a good idea to get it from the horses mouth…so to speak. We chat with American driver JR Hildebrand about his Force India test in 2009. As America’s most recent driver to test a current F1 car, we though you’d enjoy the insight and details of what it’s like.

JR is one of the most delightful people to talk to and has a very methodical approach to his race craft. Having tested with Paul di Resta and Force India, JR’s insight is terrific and his stories are equally engaging. I think you will appreciate his wisdom and approach to racing as well as learning more about one of America’s open-wheel drivers.

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