EXCLUSIVE: F1B Downshift- Steve Matchett Interview

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Steve Matchett
Catching up with Speed TV commentator and F1 championship-winning Benetton mechanic Steve Matchett can be difficult…especially when he is traveling 23 hours door-to-door back to his home in Southern France. That hasn’t stopped us from trying and much to our amazement, Mr. Matchett was safely home, enjoying the first throws of the off-season and more than happy to chat to us about F1 and life in Southern France during the winter.

Steve is a brilliant mind among the F1 community and it is with great pleasure that we offer you this terrific interview via phone line from France. Steve shares his general thoughts on the 2010 season and gives the insight, as only he can, on the entirety of F1 which in turn becomes a commentary on life and the beauty of his singular ability to resolve dialog in the most charming and digestible manner. Join me in thanking Mr. Matchett, yet again, for his kind consideration and generous time to give us all an off-season look at life with Matchett.


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