EXCLUSIVE: Gary Anderson Q&A Part #2 – Small teams

Q 1-Lets go a little further back on the grid, as there’s one thing I’ve been wondering about the newer teams, and it seems to me that at the beginning of the races they can hang on a little longer, but as the race progresses the disparity in speed gets wider, have you any idea why that is? Or am I just imagining it?

GA- I do follow this sort of thing and their appears to be a bit of an off set, with fuel loads and not running the DRS all the time and that off set in general terms accounts for up to about 6.5 to 7 secs, but DRS is worth about 1.5 secs on the average track, and fuel loads about 5+ secs, that’s 150 kilos of fuel you have in the car, so you get that, although I haven’t really noticed there able to hold on better, but they are able to get away reasonably well, they normally of course qualify at the back of the pack, but they can get up to 14th -16th place at the start, and then everyone at the start of the race is trying to get the balance of the car right, driving within it’s limits, they won’t be pushing the car too hard, and when the tyres start to work quite well they start pushing on a bit and I think that’s when they start to look like they are being a bit overrun by others.

So you think they may be just a bit more eager because they can stay with them, but use more of the car to stay with them.

GA-yeah I think they get themselves up 2 or 3 places and then because everyone’s trying to get their tyres warm, nobody tries to get past them for the first 4 or 5 laps I think. but I haven’t really noticed that their better at the beginning, but they do seem to fall away, and there is spell in the race, I agree with you, that they seem to drop off, but that can be 2 things, I suppose if you look at it closely, at the end of the life of a tyre stint as a such, those cars are slower because they don’t have the same aerodynamic qualities as the front runners and when they get to the end of a stint all you’ve got left is the tyres, they pay a bigger price because they don’t have the aerodynamics to help the car work well, so that could be why when the tyres drop off, they drop off more than others, but they’re trying hard you’ve got to pat them on the back, it’s an expensive and horrible place to be at the moment, I’ve been through that sort of thing, and it’s a different era from when I was involved its tougher to get up from the back of the grid.

The disparity doesn’t seem as big as I’ve seen in F1 but they don’t seem to ever be able to gain.

GA-No, you know the grid has got a 107% rule, HRT always seem to be hanging around the 106%, I think Caterham this year have been around 103%, and Marussia in the 104s, they are getting there its just hard work to close that gap down.

The Marussia impressed me, because it doesn’t have KERS and doesn’t have a Renault engine.

GA- Yes they are paying a big performance price for the things they haven’t got, Austin they really did run well, I think they’ve regrouped from their first efforts with their CFD design package, which didn’t really respond to anything, and they’ve started a wind tunnel test program, they’re doing OK, you’re paying a .5 sec deficit without KERS immediately, plus the Cosworth doesn’t have the might of Renault, I think if they keep their head down, next year they could be a thorn in Caterhams side.

Hopefully they get there!

GA- yeah that’s right its not an easy task.

10th place in the championship could help them out a lot.

GA-Yes with a race to go I think there will be lot of fingers crossed, but again Brazil does look like a wet weekend, at Austin only 2 cars fell out and there was no chance to get to that 11th-12th place at all, but in Brazil if it rains anything can happen. and it’s the last race, everyone wants to come from  there with a little bit of momentum for over the winter, which gives you your fight over the winter, the last race is always where people are driving above themselves a fraction and it’s very easy to make a mistake and throw it away, one of the smaller teams could be 8th or 9th







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