F1 backs Red Bull’s engine freeze

If you read my last editorial on the Red Bull engine issue and ho F1 needed to fix it, you’ll know that I am a staunch advocate for Red Bull inclusion in the Formula 1 series. So much so that I asked F1 to get involved and help solve the situation in order to retain Red Bull’s interest in the sport and continued investment.

I am happy to say that, as one would expect, F1 was already way ahead of me on this issue. According to Autosport, F1 CEO, Stefano Domenicali, is calling on teams to support the engine freeze and it’s m understanding that Renault are the only hold-out’s at this point.

What became apparent in his comment is that a freeze is good for teh other manufacturers as well in order to offset the cost of a new power unit slated sometime between 2023-25.

“For sure the anticipation [for an early introduction] of the freeze of the engine is a very important point,” said Domenicali.

“But I don’t want to say only for Red Bull. It is for the entire F1 because, as you know today, the actual regulation and freezing is based on 2023.

“We want to anticipate the freeze because we want to save money to make sure that the manufacturers and teams can invest in the new engine. And on the one side, that is a priority for a lot of the manufacturers.”

The other knock-on question to this is what progress is being made on regulations around an engine freeze and Autosport has the answer:

“The discussions that are in place are going in the right direction,” he said.

“I don’t want to anticipate anything, but I’m confident that everyone will understand the importance of these things happening.

“It is something that is at the centre of the discussion in that meeting. And I’m hoping that everyone realizes that is the best choice, for not only for Red Bull, but for the entire world of F1.”

So it appears that tF1 knows the gravity of the situation with Red Bull and it trying to get all teams on board with an engine freeze…the one thing Mercedes should be very excited about given their advantage.

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Although I’m fed up with red balls demands if they don’t get their own way they will leave I can see their point and it’s good for the other manufacturers too, so they can use the same money to develop the new engines, what I don’t agree with is bringing all the engines up to the same level one way or the other so with this in mind Mercedes should do what Redbull normally do and threaten to pull out if engines are compromised, that certainly isn’t the way this sport should go, Engine balancing has never been part of… Read more »

Christophe Heuze

I understand that everybody has an opinion..but the reality is not only Renault do not want the engine freeze but Ferrari as well. In fact Mercedes is the only one who would agree with the engine freeze because they are so far ahead and Honda is out of the talking.. I don t see why Renault should do anything that will help Red Bull and will prevent to develop their engine in order to try to be ahead of Red bull.. Engine freeze is not in the interest of the manufacturers but to the team like Red Bull and Mercedes… Read more »