F1 Balance Sheet | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 719

Join Grace and me as we take detour from the news and discuss how F1’s business must align with all the teams and how difficult that is for Stefano Domenicali given the agenda, balance sheets and stakeholder interest for each entity. It’s a weighty topic but we try to make it palatable so let us know what you think.

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charlie w

Where would Ferrari go if they left F1? I thought they would join the WEC hypercar series when it were announced last year. But they didn’t. I had hoped they would resurrect a factory team for LeMans GT series or, partner up with Risi Competizione as a semi-works team. Honestly, they(Ferrari) doesn’t need F1 at all. In or out, they will sell every car and SUV that rolls out of Marenello.

Fred Daniell

Grace, while I love your commentary your comment that you need to buy “a second car” if you want to drive more than 300 miles in a day was taken by this listener as insulting. Telling every family in America that you MUST buy a second (ICE) vehicle if you want to take a vacation once a year is arrogant and insensitive. With EV’s costing $50k+ the idea that these are cost effective is elitist. Todd, Gary Anderson has a great suggestion for new PU formula. Take a look. It’s so practical there is no way F1 would adopt it!… Read more »


Fred I’m not sure that’s what she meant. The discussion was about range anxiety and that if you only had an EV you would need a second car if you wanted to go beyond the 300 mile boundary. There is a huge amount of EV charging infrastructure going in right now but until you deal with the convenience factor of gas & go and the long haul comfort of light trucks it will be a slow road to adoption outside cities…