F1 bans in-season helmet design chnages

There became a point when Sebastian Vettel’s helmet design change was something of a given over his career. In fact, when teamed with Mark Webber, you could always tell which was Sebastian because his was the one you did not recognize week in and week out. According to AUTOSPORT, that’s all about to change.

It seems Formula 1 isn’t to keen on constantly changing helmet designs because they confuse viewers and make things less marketable. The iconic helmet design like Ayrton Senna, James Hunt, Michael Schumacher, and Graham Hill were mainstays of F1 and a fan could instantly tell which driver was which as the cars sped by.

Moving into 2015, drivers will be allowed one helmet design for the season. Period. The idea was approved this week and ratified by the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council.

Does this turn you off as a fan? Actually I thought it was kind of fun to see what drivers would come up with next. Valentino Rossi in Moto GP always had a great helmet for occasions.

Hat Tip: Mr. Noble at AUTOSPORT

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