F1, billions, tax exiles and death threats | Podcast Ep 819

Join Grace, Paul and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week. F1’s billion dollar offer (rumored), moving to Monaco, and campaigning for safety. we even have Albon’s cats and mailbag.

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Great pod as usual. I would push back on the position that LH’s reported 62M pound extension (if true) being “dumb money” or affecting the function of the team in any way. Firstly, driver salaries don’t count towards the cost cap so it won’t penalize Merc in that way. Also, Merc in 2019 spent something like $450M and in 2021 their total spend was something like 325M per motorsport’s reporting. So with the cap continuing to lower operating costs that’s more money for the teams to pocket, and that going to a raise for Lewis is perfectly fine and i… Read more »