F1 Books: Benson’s list

One of the timeless gifts for the holiday season is a fine book about F1. The notion goes back decades and many a seasoned journalist has supported his/her revenue stream by picking a topic and writing a book just in time for the holidays. No surprise really that this year is no different but interestingly there aren’t that many to choose from. However, those that did write a book are well worth reading.

F1B Book

Now this would be the place where I would give you all a list of books that have come out but living in the US it makes the possibility of getting said books more difficult if not more expensive. It requires an order from a UK book website and shipping is usually not cheap. Moreover, I have not had time to read any new books, regardless of not owning them yet, but that will change as many of them are on my holiday wish list.

So instead of me rambling on and re-hashing the description from the publishers website, I thought I would provide a link to the always entertaining and insightful Andrew Benson of the BBC. Why? Because he does a nice job, as always, of listing a few that have recently hit the shelves and who better to take some advice from?

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