F1 Buzz: Eyebrow-raising thoughts

As we head into the Belgian Grand Prix weekend, the Formula 1 press has also re-awakened and starting publishing lots of stories about drivers, teams, issues and rumors.

Kimi signed, Bottas protests…too much?

Certainly the extended contract for Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen is the big news as it shuts the door on several silly season rumors but what caught my eye, upon first reading his comments, was Valtteri Bottas’s frustration over the Ferrari rumors that placed him as the 2016 driver in favor over Raikkonen.

When I first read his comments, I had a gut feeling that there was a side of Valtteri we haven’t seen and a frustration that was alluding to something else bigger. I read it and immediately thought that things were actually not glossy with his current employer, Williams.

I chalked that up to me being a irrational nincompoop but several hours later, the BBC published a story sharing the same opinion. You see, whether talks were held or not (regardless of what Valtteri asserts), it seems to me that his word betray frustration but not only on his part but on the part of Williams as well. Perhaps that isn’t a big stretch but like the BBC, I was left wondering the same thing. Could Williams have made other plans as Bottas played footsie with Ferrari?

Honda’s back-of-the-grid joy

The other big news is that Honda spent tokens and showed up at Spa with new engines. In order to fit those engines, they will incur a penalty that find the dynamic duo starting from the back of the grid but with spanking new lumps to test.

Button seems in good spirits regardless of the harrowing experience of being burgled while on vacation and some say he and wife Jessica were gassed in the process. that’s very frightening indeed.

The Hulk

time may be ticking on opportunities for Nico Hulkenberg but some say Haas F1 could be an interesting home for 2016 while Force India say they are keen to keep him.

I may be way off base here but if Williams were seriously concerned (and pissed off) by Bottas’s Ferrari dabbling, could they have moved on and done a deal to bring the Hulk back to the team? If so, they may have just scored a big win.

Keep in mind that Williams have never been enamored with drivers. In the team’s mind, drivers come and go and they don’t get emotional about it so giving Valtteri walking papers and signing Hulk would be a purely clinical and logical business decision for them.

Kimi sounds positive…and then some

While Ferrari’s press release regarding the contract extension for Kimi Raikkonen in 2016 sounded like a half-arsed attempt and purely a few sentences to relay the information leaving out any thrill, happiness or even slight amusement, their driver sounded much more positive and that’s saying a lot for Kimi.

He has big hopes for 2016 and Ferrari and sounded very happy to be staying and downright optimistic about Ferrari’s 2016 campaign which is more than I can say for Ferrari’s version of the story.

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jiji the cat

Bottas isn’t good enough for Ferrari at the moment, he just hasn’t out shone Massa this year. Simple.
I can really get into the story of Williams having signed the Hulk, fingers crossed. Most talented overlooked driver in F1.


Fingers crossed that Honda have used their tokens well and the Mclaren chassis doesn’t turn out to be the next weak link


I think all the Bottas praising that has gone on in the media has gone to his head.