F1 drivers ‘leap’ from cars

Apparently the FIA still thinks KERS is a great idea even though teams using the battery system are now instructing the drivers to leap from their cars so they will not become a second path to ground leaving them electrocuted. so…We have teams spending over $60MM on their KERS programs, all-new gloves, shoes clothing and safety measures for the paddock and manufacturer’s facility which has to cost a fortune when spread across all teams and personnel.

Where is the cost-cutting in this? I guess cost-cutting is fine as long as it doesn’t screw up our ability to say we’re ‘green’ although we contribute an infinitesimal amount to any man-made carbon emission. Mad Max seems to think Green is the biggest legacy he will leave, if he leaves, and manufacturers think the entire world wants a incredibly small car that runs on diced turnips and properly mulched lawn clippings. What the heck is going on around here anyway?

color me reactionary but if a driver or team member has to wear special rubber gloves, clothes and boots…perhaps, and just perhaps…this isn’t a technology ready for deployment yet?

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