F1 gets a nose job for 2015, Lotus blows nose

Formula 1 is getting a nose job in 2015 and like an awkward teenager sitting for a picture and computer generated renderings of “before and after” photos for bloggers to post and re-post of their new rhinoplasty, F1 fans anxiously await the big reveal.

We may not have to wait quite as long a January 2015, however, as Lotus told AUTOSPORT that they will be testing a new non-twin keel nose in Austin.

“The rules are pushing everybody in that direction, so I think pretty much everybody will be looking at a fairly low and narrow nose [for next season].

“We’re going to test a nose like that in Austin, really just to gather feedback for next year – to do some aero measurements and see what that does on track compared to what we see in the [wind] tunnel.”

What better place than Austin to test new things? It is the city who wants to remain “weird” and has a penchant for herding a hoard of hipster cats to their town during SxSW for fun and decadence. Why not try a new nose out for size? And what better place than COTA which is home of the bloody noses suffered by Tavo “I have a dream” Helmund and Bobby “this is my Eff’ing race” Epstein?

Lotus needs all the help it can get these days as they have sunk like a “P” or “D” state quarter from Florida into the darkened and chip-laden quagmires of a herculon couch in the rathskeller basement of Donald and Darlene Milford from Sheephoof Iowa.

If you’re looking for an amazing turnaround to their season, this nose might not be it but it will be a good test for their 2015 nose and let’s face it, if that looks good, they might get asked out to the prom.


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