F1 Holiday: Sutil gives props to India, advice to Chandhok

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I know we’ve been following a few F1 luminaries around the globe and talking about their holiday trips. I know it’s not really the biggest news in F1 but then again, Bernie Ecclestone vacationing with Christian Horner could be a good conspiracy theory and who are we to deprive you of such machinations?

Well, we have another F1 Holiday Watch edition featuring Force India driver Adrian Sutil. Seems Sutil has been with Force India for some time but never got the opportunity to really visit India for an extended period of time. Who knew? That all changed last week according to the Times of India:

“Now I realise what I missed. I have been to India many times, but I never really got to spend more than a day here. The whole of last week I was in Goa, and enjoyed every minute of it. It’s beautiful. May be I should now come here more often,” gushes the German.

The break in F1 is possibly loathed by some but others view it as a time to reflect on the first half of the season and contemplate on what may become of the second half. Sutil seems to be in the latter group:

“It has been a mixed season for me till now, but the remaining races should suit us. My aim is to take as many points as possible from the remaining races,”

I’m sure being in India, the inevitable question is, “so what do you make of Karun Chandhok and his issues at HRT”? Sutil took the high road, of course, and said:

“I can understand what Karun is going through right now, because I have been in his position before. A slow car can drive you nuts. He just has to be patient and not lose heart,”

I get his point and I hate to be offensive but comparatively, Sutil is still in the same situation as Chandhok. Force India have done a good job this year but they are being beat by Mercedes and Renault and most everyone expected Renault to be at the back of the grid. I’d say a fwe more days in India may help clear Sutil’s head and see him come back with a grasp on where they are and what they have to do. Force India had a suprise showing last year at Spa Francorchamps and that’s the next race on the schedule. hold on to your hats, Sutil’s motivated!


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