F1 ‘interested’ in 2nd race in China; a street race of course

How quickly attitudes can change in Formula 1. Remember Liberty Media saying they were certainly focused on Europe and that Baku did nothing for their brand? Then this year they re-sign Baku ahead of the contract expiration and bring on the Vietnam Grand Prix?

Now it seems that F1’s head marketing guru, Sean Bratches, is very keen to get another race in China. Never mind they mentioned a second race in the USA.

“We would be highly interested in a street race,” he said.

“It would be a nice juxtaposition to the purpose-built facility we have [in Shanghai]. Our intent is to bring our show to the people.”

The BBC article says that Beijing is a city under consideration. Is this a way to ween the race away from a purpose-built circuit with low fan turnout into a city center? F1’s new owners seem convinced that street races are the real way forward with Vietnam and the Miami debacle recently focused on.

There were considerations for a race in Copenhagen but that has stalled and that’s odd as Zandvoort is an existing circuit with a rich history in F1 but alas, it’s not one of those fancy street races Sean likes so much.

I’m growing weary of street races. Enough is enough. They are novel but purpose-built circuit racing is epic.

One also has to consider the attraction to China for car makers such as Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari as well as Honda. Is this a case of the tail wagging the dog?

Hat Tip: BBC

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Personally, I’ve never liked street circuits, Baku, Monaco etc. They’re just not relevant to F1 these days.
I understand the appeal for the organisers, make it easy for the public to get to and you’ll get not only your hardcore fans (who would go anyway) but you’ll get your ‘visitors’ as well.
But what’s the point of designing and building these rocket cars if you have to drive them around a labyrinth.


Oh good, another street race. But in Beijing with its horrible air quality? No. I can see it in Guangzhou which is close to Macau and Hong Kong. Whatever happened to the Zhuhai circuit near Hong Kong?

Ed Llorca

Oh joy! Another crap street circuit…