F1 is like Gin | Podcast Ep 837

Formula 1 Podcast
The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast

Join Grace and me as we discuss the news of the week like the Imola cancellation, what it means to Formula 1, being selfish, why F1 is like gin and not vodka and much more.

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Liberty Media is sucking the life out of F1, much like Disney with the Star Wars franchise. Never been a fan of Monaco, cars have become too big and heavy to make it interesting. I used to like watching the entry of the Swimming Pool complex and the amount of speed they used to be able to carry into the first bit, but it’s been straightened out too much now, currently I like Turn 18 (Virage Antony Noghes) which is the last corner, watching them drift the rear to the left, I always expect them to clip the barrier, but… Read more »