F1 keeps eye on Super typhoon Hagibis for Japanese Grand Prix

This weekend could be slightly damp according to weather reports as a “super typhoon” named Hagibis bears down on Japan. Formula 1 and the FIA issued a statement today saying:

“The FIA, Formula 1, Suzuka circuit and the Japanese Automobile Federation are closely monitoring Typhoon Hagibis and its potential impact on the 2019 FIA Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix.

“Every effort is being made to minimize disruption to the Formula 1 timetable, however the safety of the fans, competitors and everyone at the Suzuka circuit remains the top priority.

“All parties will continue to monitor the situation and provide further updates in due course.”

It wasn’t too long ago that typhoons disrupted the weekend forcing qualifying to Sunday morning. It happened in 2004 and then again in 2010. It’s a rainy time in Japan…winter is coming.

There have been plenty of incredibly rainy weekends that weren’t typhoons too. You might recall the tragic incident involving Jules Bianchi and just how wet the circuit was and how dark the skies were due to a late start.

The biggest impact of the typhoon this weekend is expected on Saturday so time will tell if we will miss qualifying or just how the weekend might be disrupted.

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It’s precisely this reason that the rest of the calendar should be delayed one week if possible. I do remember what happened to Bianchi. I’m hoping that F1 learned its lesson: You should never run a race in conditions that bad given that safety ends up going out the window in this situation. I’m fairly sure that the citizens of Suzuka will understand if things get delayed a week. Safety does come first, whether we like it or not. Right now, that typhoon / hurricane has Suzuka as its target, and that should be the most important thing on everyone’s… Read more »