F1 logo change?

You could argue that the reason the current Formula 1 logo is so recognizable is that it has been the same for a very long time. That may be true but if you force the familial sense from your brain and just look at the logo on merit, it has that FedEx quality with the use of negative space and to be fair, it is an iconic brand logo.

The new owners have now applied with three trademark applications registered with the European Union Intellectual Property signaling a possible change to the current design. The applications were submitted by Formula One Licensing BV.

The font change does freshen up the logo and it the particular font they chose—be it Helvetica, Swiss or Eurostyle—does make it easier to read and adds a bolder impact. The actual graphic removes the use of negative space and perhaps that not a popular trend in logo design these days but I’m not sure any one of the three really hit the nail on the head for me.

The logo in the center is incongruent as a letter and number and if the intent is to create the sense of a road course, that doesn’t work either. I’m not sure if they paid a branding agency to design the logo for them but if so, they kind of phoned it in.

If it were me, I would keep the existing logo and just freshen up the font and text that says “Formula 1”. Or maybe I’d go back and see more concepts on the “F1” logo itself. What do you think?

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Tom Firth

Yeah. Non of these are very good design ideas.

I agree that the best course of action would be to refresh the current logo as it is very strong and a much better brand logo than any of the proposed idea. However if they insist on a new logo, wouldn’t it make more sense to continue the brand identity established in F4, F3 and F2 into F1?


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Good call Tom.
They look good and this would build the links to F2, 3 & 4 as feeder series.

Goran Dulic

These are f…ing windows 95 Paint logos. So ugly I can’t even look at them. Leave the old one alone, mega logo.

fk Bobby Turkalino

I was involved in many, many new logos during my career. The versions get whacked like piñatas by everyone with an opinion and a decision is eventually made–in one case for a Fortune 1000 company it was made by the Big Cheese’s secretary in an offhand remark prior to the Big Meeting. No matter. One will be chosen; it matters not which except to the poor folks who will need to find ways to make it work on everything from T-shirts to avatars. And all will be forgotten.


While I realize the new owners of F1 want to freshen things up, I don’t believe these are any better than the current logo. It I’m sure any of them will grow on us as time beats us down… I actually like the current logo except for some reason it reminds me of the Abu Dhabi or Bahrain GP’s. I don’t think the new logos look very fresh. The first and third look like they are 80’s throwbacks. The second one is the worst IMO. While I understand what they are doing with it, and already knowing the brand, if… Read more »

Salvu Borg

According to Sergio Marchonne LM wants to turn F1 into another Nascar series.


And I respect Sergio for his opinion. But I seriously doubt that this is his true opinion and he knows just as good as anyone else that is not what is being proposed and his comments are just meant to energize his red base (or was that Trump…. either way… damnit, I brought politics into this… back to the point). Remember, NASCAR just switched to a basic EFI and datalogging system (not streaming data) five short years ago and that was a huge change for them… so no, the proposed regulations are not like any NASCAR series. (Capitalization of NASCAR… Read more »


When my company changed logos we always had a party and got new coffee cups and shirts. That’s about all the good I think it ever did.

Tom Firth

Still better than the FOM logo that Ross Brawn has on his shirt that looks like it was designed at the establishment of FOCA, never mind FOM.

Schumi Toronto

I agree – I don’t like any of them either. What’s wrong with the current one? It’s iconic! But if I had to pick one, I kinda like the first one, as the “F” looks like a road with the white line down the middle and I like the font of the “a” in Formula.

Paul KieferJr

I think what Liberty’s trying to do is to show that they are trying to change the sport for the better. Ask yourself: Does this logo represent all that is good in Formula 1? This may be why they want to make this change….

….although I have to agree that I wouldn’t go with these proposals.

charlie white

“All great things must wear terrifying and monstrous masks in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity”-Friedrich Nietzsche
Liberty is changing almost every aspect of the sport and it’s scary for many. I like the present logo over the previous one(anyone remember that one?). None of the 3 proposed replacements win me over. Go back and try again, Liberty. And this time, use eye-catching colors.

fk Bobby Turkalino

Inevitably there was a memo or RFP describing (possibly in impenetrable corporatespeak) what they wanted. If these were the winners from the first round, woe be unto ’em.

Prakhar Mehrotra

I created a petition to try and convince Liberty to stop this from happening. Please sign



I wish you all the luck, but according to sky sports Carey has said a new logo would be introduced after this weekends GP… ugh, I hope they have more on offer than the 3 shown and that these were indeed the runners-up….


A year into Liberty Media ownership and having sorted all the big issues out, they’ve now got head space to tidy up the trivia. Nice work L.M