F1 mentions Indy 500, but that doesn’t mean anything, right?

The official Formula 1 site has a nice little write-up of the six drivers who competed in the first world championship season 60 years ago, but their stories weren’t what struck me.

Here’s the opening:

This week marks the 60th anniversary of the very first race of the inaugural Formula One World Championship. Over the course of the seven-round 1950 season – which included the Indianapolis 500 in the US – 46 drivers competed. Just six, however, lasted the distance, taking part in all six European races.

Am I just looking for something that isn’t there? Why mention the Indy 500, even the U.S., in such a way? The other races from that year don’t get any hype.

Maybe F1’s trying to get a little rub from one of the three big races of the year, as if Monaco this weekend isn’t enough. Maybe it’s a reminder that the Indy 500, which has long been off F1’s official championship calendar, was once a part of the competition.

But still, it seems weird, with Bernie Ecclestone recently touting a USGP outside of New York, rumors putting Tony George in talks to find a different venue to bring F1 back to America and the fact the Indy 500 is a few weeks away.

I just can’t imagine that it isn’t calculated. I’m just not quite sure what the calculation is.

All that aside, though, make sure to check in on the history of the drivers who competed 60 years ago. All Indy blabber notwithstanding, it’s a nice quick stroll down memory lane.

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