F1 responds to Bridgestone exit…sort of

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F1 has responded to Bridgestone’s shock announcement that they will leave the sport as its single-supplier after the 2010 season. The news shook the F1 world as it was unexpected and and quite challenging for the series as the FIA regulations have prevented a multiple-supplier format since 2008.

We were expecting to see an PR effort in damage control to mitigate the news but it did not happen until 24 hours later. Odd that a story of this magnitude would be left to fester for this long but F1 has made an official statement:

Formula One racing is set to use a new tyre supplier from 2011 after Bridgestone announced on Monday that they will not be renewing their current contract when it expires at the end of 2010.

Bridgestone have been participating in the sport since 1997, winning 156 Grands Prix, 10 drivers’ and 10 constructors’ titles. They became the official sole supplier to the championship in 2008.

That’s basically it. There rest of the story was just reprinting Bridgestone’s official press release. So the FOM has acknowledged Bridgestone’s decision and suggested that F1 will use a new tire supplier for 2011. Realistically that’s all you can expect from them at this point depending on if this news was known well before its announcement or if it was a shock to them like the rest of us.

Better late than never I suspect and I do appreciate the optimistic use of “set to use” as if F1 has already identified the potential supplier. Nice job boys.


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