F1 Robocalls | Podcast Ep 808

Join Grace and me as we discuss the crazy political season of Formula 1. We discuss F1 robocalls, new fans and their rage, F1 gatekeeping, Sky sports, Red Bull’s anger, being and F1 fan and much more. We even have some No $&*% Headlines and more.

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Todd and Grace discussing the change in global hate/vitriol reflecting (poorly) on F1 was very interesting. Obviously some of that vitriol and public rant is a spill over of the malaise felt and coming at the public in torrents in politics globally (USA, Italy, Hungary, Poland, UK, etc.). What Grace and Todd have struck on is a key element in all such nasty public discourse: ignorance. The “new” F1 fans referred to either don’t know, don’t care, or deliberately fantasize about the realities of F1 and its history. In short, they make up their own version of reality and turn it… Read more »


On the Sky/Red Bull issue? Remings me of Fawty Towers… whatever you do, don’t mention the war.
Red Bull are, in Sky Sports repeated reminders, an Austrian team, never British. Jawohl…

David Brigham

Just listened to the podcast, don’t let the bastards get you all down. Todd, Grace and Paul are our friends we can feel like we’re talking F1 to every weekend. Thank you for your efforts, we’d be lost without your company. Next time any of you are south of Boston, the drinks are on us.