F1 Season Preview | Podcast Ep 876

Formula 1 Podcast
The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast

Join Paul and me as we preview the 2024 Formula 1 season. We cover each team and driver and share our thoughts on what it will take to be successful in the new season.

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  • The inter-team battles within McLaren, Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, and Aston Martin will be exciting to watch.
  • The departure of Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes will change the dynamic within the team.
  • Ferrari needs to address their rear tire wear and stability issues to improve their performance.
  • Red Bull remains the team to beat, but Sergio Perez needs to improve his performance to secure his seat. Media representation can be challenging, as it is difficult to accurately portray individuals behind the scenes.
  • The performance and prospects of Sauber (Alfa Romeo) and Alpine are discussed, with a focus on their drivers.
  • The drivers at Williams Racing and Haas F1 Team are evaluated, considering their potential for success.
  • Overall, the conversation provides insights into the current state of Formula 1 teams and drivers.


00:00Introduction and Bathurst Recap
05:09Season Opener and Drive to Survive
09:23Ranking the Liveries
13:02Testing and Team Observations
24:15McLaren: Norris vs. Piastri
28:03Mercedes: Russell and Hamilton’s Departure
31:49Ferrari: Leclerc and Sainz
36:29Red Bull: Verstappen and Perez
47:31Aston Martin: Alonso and Stroll
54:15Introduction and Discussion on Media Representation
55:06Review of Sauber (Alfa Romeo) and Alpine
56:20Discussion on the Drivers at Sauber (Alfa Romeo) and Alpine
57:17Analysis of the Drivers at Sauber (Alfa Romeo) and Alpine
57:50Evaluation of the Drivers at Sauber (Alfa Romeo) and Alpine
59:30Overview of Williams Racing
01:00:05Discussion on Haas F1 Team
01:04:16Evaluation of Haas F1 Team
01:10:27Summary and Conclusion
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excellent information, thank you.
Had to reply sections because you knew who you were talking about but it was easy to lose the thread sometimes.
Often happens when listening to experts, part of the price one pays.
Prefer to have your insights compared to idiot(me)-proof delivery.