F1 should ditch Strategy Group

Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has been commenting lately about a more unified front with FIA president Jean Todt in an effort to make changes to the series.

The new F1 Strategy Group has been unable to reach consensus on changes needed to safeguard the sport and now Ecclestone has offered his most direct comments when asked if the F1 Strategy Group should be eliminated telling AUTOSPORT:


“Yeah, absolutely.

“It’s bloody difficult for the constructors to come up with anything.

“If you were Mercedes you wouldn’t want anything changed.

“At last month’s Strategy Group meeting nothing was decided – not even the date of the next meeting.

“We could have voted on something then and put it through, but nothing.”


The fact is, there is little narrative needed to understand his feelings on the efficacy of the strategy group and he said many years ago that the teams could never run a series as they cannot agree on anything. It seems he may have been correct.


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Never thought I’d say this. I agree with Bernie. The strategy group are a bunch of useless wankers.

Paul KieferJr

Well, yeah, we could dump the Strategy Group, but let’s go a bit further. Let’s send them all to Camp LeJune and let the Marine drill sergeants have their way with ’em. They we’ll see how they fare after they’ve been appropriately disciplined.

Junipero Mariano

I applaud the spirit of the idea, Paul, but Marine Corps Drill Instructors train at MCRD Parris Island and MCRD San Diego. The Marines at Camp Lejuene are too busy with real work to do and would shake their heads at the “leadership” and “teamwork” the F1 Strategy Group puts on display.

The Real Problem is Bernie

In an age of rapidly expanding technology and change everywhere, F1 is still run by an 84 year old well relic of a past that cannot and will not be recaptured. Time passes, things must move forward. In ANY other venue, business, or sport, this derelict would have been put out to pasture two decades ago – replaced with a fresher brain and ideas to fit modern realities. As long as the sport is run and guided by this octogenarian, it will remain jammed in past political turmoil and zero forward movement, meaning its current decline will continue unabated. That… Read more »


Well maybe we need the FBI to do a raid like with the head of FIFA.


Since Bernie sold his control to the banks, he is now just an employee working effectively for CVC. With Jean Todt apparently more interested in the road car side of the FIA rather than the motorsport side. I think Bernie is missing the days when he and Max Mosley controlled the sport.
Perhaps it is time to reinstate the FISA to run the sporting side for the FIA?


F1 should ditch Bernie Ecclestone a.s.a.p.