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A fellow F1 fan and Twitter followed sent me a message and asked if I knew of any local groups that got together to either watch or talk about the sport. He lives in the Detroit area and I said I would look around.

I know there are most likely other F1 websites, Facebook groups or other places where people have listed their group but while I was looking in to it, I did a Google Keyword Search by region. I found the results interesting.

Perhaps Florida makes sense with all the recent talk about a potential race there and lots of motorsport fans living in the state but a few others caught me off guard. The report is for the last year and I thought perhaps New York would be higher than Nevada but then again, perhaps a race in Las Vegas makes sense.

This list isn’t indicative of the total interest or number of fans, just a Keyword Search showing the regional results for Formula 1.

With that said, I thought this might also be a place to list your groups activities in each state and city. There are other F1 fans out there and they’d like to hang out with other F1 fans but as we all watch in the early mornings, it is often times hard to meet other F1 fans.

Let us know if you have a group that gets together and where.

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Region Formula 1: (11/3/17 – 11/3/18)
Florida 100
Connecticut 86
Massachusetts 86
Oregon 86
New Hampshire 86
California 86
Nevada 83
Texas 82
Colorado 82
New York 80
Rhode Island 80
Vermont 79
Washington 79
New Jersey 75
Indiana 75
Delaware 74
Michigan 72
Virginia 72
Pennsylvania 70
Hawaii 68
Kansas 68
North Carolina 68
Arizona 68
Illinois 67
Maryland 67
District of Columbia 65
Alaska 65
Wisconsin 65
Georgia 63
Ohio 63
South Carolina 62
Idaho 61
Utah 61
Maine 61
Minnesota 59
New Mexico 58
Iowa 56
Montana 56
Tennessee 53
Wyoming 52
Missouri 51
Oklahoma 51
Kentucky 50
Alabama 50
Nebraska 49
Louisiana 48
North Dakota 48
South Dakota 47
West Virginia 45
Arkansas 41
Mississippi 35

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Where my Birmingham, AL folks at?


Sorry, I don’t know where one is in Austin. Even then, I’m usually following a stream.


I believe that Circuit of the Americas has watching parties for F1 races. They have in years past.

Terry Griffin
Terry Griffin

We have a group that has been meeting for 4 years here in Berkeley California. Find us on Facebook at East Bay Formula One Group and sign up.

Mike Domanico
Mike Domanico

Join us in the Philadelphia area.

Schumie Toronto
Schumie Toronto

Although I have yet to attend, here in Toronto, people meet at Betty’s Bar and Grill on King Street. I really ought to go check that out, one of these days!