F1 team bosses vote for top 10 drivers in 2019

As is the norm, at the end of each season the team bosses vote for their top 10 drivers. Sometimes there are surprises, other times not.

This year, the top 10 seems relatively straight forward but there are a few that I’m not sure I agree with from my perspective. Here is what the team bosses voted:

I would revers 4 and 5, 6 and 7 and 9 and 10. What would you change? Do you agree with the bosses? Do you see things differently?

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Peter Riva

“Top drivers” is limited to considerations–by the teams – of who performs for them given the equipment they have. Or is the valuation based on who is the most valuable for pulling in $$? Looking at the list, you could try and rearrange them based on this criteria: Who helped make our car better–even if we never won? Who, in essence, was the most valuable in proportion to each team, not the final results. Leclerc would certainly be up there, as well as Verstappen. Hamilton as well but maybe not first since two drivers at Merc were not that far… Read more »


Bottas is way too high, considering what he was driving, he should have done better.
Still not convinced about Albon.
Sainz should be at 4.