F1 teams turn down reverse grid qualifying for 2020

Photo by: www.kymilman.com/f1

According to reports, the concept of a reversed-grid qualifying race of three race weekends in 2020. The concept was Liberty Media’s attempt to improve Formula 1 via new concepts in racing to increase the excitement level and create some buzz around a race weekend.

While admitting their current qualifying procedure is fine, the sport’s owners consider three race tracks as optimum for a possible test of actually turning qualifying into a mini or sprint race for pole position on Sunday. France, Russia and Belgium were the targets of this new concept in order to test it out. To try something new.

On Saturday, the teams would line up for the sprint race in the current championship points order and this would put the top teams at the back trying to all come forward because how this race finished is how Sunday’s race would start—in that order.

According to Autosport, the issue was discussed at F1’s recent meeting in Paris this week but if failed to get unanimous approval from the teams—which is required to make the changes desired.

Not a big surprise here because, as former boss Bernie Ecclestone often said, you’ll never get all the teams to agree to anything. An issue may be a benefit for some teams but not all teams and perhaps the concern the top teams had about charging back through the field in a short race to try and get pole was a bridge too far. At least that is what the article suggests was the concern.

We agreed with this notion two weeks when we discussed it on our podcast. We also said the concept could become very expensive because with that many top cars out of position and trying to scythe through the field against traditional back markers who have no incentive to move over, the front wing damage alone could be high…and expensive.

The article also mentions that the teams were willing to look at a compromise whereas Friday’s testing times would be used to determine the grid positions for Saturday’s spring/qualifying race and then that finish order would determine Sunday’s starting grid. I like how that ties all three days together meaning that each session of a weekend is critical to Sunday’s actual race.

I am all for tying all three days together or finding ways to increase on-track action all weekend but reverse grids seem to be the DRS or HD tires equivalent of “spicing up the show” through constructs.

Hat Tip: Autosport

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