F1 Timeline – this week in #F1 – the Belgian GP edition

With Formula One returning to Spa-Francorchamps after 5 quiet weeks, F1 social media has stepped up a gear as the teams, drivers and media have been tweeting like there’s no tomorrow. And here’s what they’ve been saying…

What the drivers have been saying:

Last Monday, Lewis Hamilton was ready to go racing again:

@LewisHamilton: Race week…time to get my head in the game! I hope you are excited for the weekend, it’s gonna be a long 2nd half…lets go!!!!!!

Paul di Resta enjoyed his final training session before getting back to work:

@pauldirestaf1: So holidays are finished, back on duty tomorrow. Had a great last training session with @JensonButton @NicholasGates1, great spin.

Jenson Button compared his excitement to that of a kid in a sweet shop:

@JensonButton: After a long long break the F1 season is back on guys!! :-) i’m like a small child in a sweet shop!! Spa let’s make it a good one!

Fernando Alonso wanted to know how much you had missed the racing:

@alo_oficial: Belgium GP this week!!! After the break in which we prepared a lot the next races!! How much you have missed F1?? ;))

Jenson was feeling like a ballerina on Tuesday – click on the links to find out why:

@JensonButton: Thanks for the session/pain! @BeFitMonaco Now I’m ballerina flexible :) http://lockerz.com/s/239176714  http://lockerz.com/s/239176733

Lewis had been spending the last week of his break with his auntie, who sadly passed away the day after he tweeted this:

@LewisHamilton: Its so hard to leave today, to leave my aunt but all my family are with her so I know she’s in good company. Taking off now. Bless

Bruno Senna arrived in Belgium on Wednesday:

@BSenna: Just arrived in Belgium ready for the 2nd part of the season!!! Great energizing holidays! Love Spa! Can’t wait for FP2 on Friday!!

Meanwhile, Heikki Kovalainen was running the circuit:

@H_Kovalainen: Arrived at spa, went to run around the track as I just fancied a run, track looks similar to last year apart from small drainage mods in T9

di Resta was also at the circuit:

@pauldirestaf1: Arrived at a sunny Spa today. Hope it continues. Looking forward to the buzz of an F1 weekend again. #part2oftheseason

Daniel Ricciardo was walking the track with the team on Thursday:

@danielricciardo: The boys on our track walk. #ready4theweekend! pic.twitter.com/qiOX1Bqg

Fernando Alonso was at Campus Francorchamps meeting some students and the press:

@alo_oficial: Primera rueda de prensa del día..! Evento Shell..! First press conference of today..! Shell event..! #spaAlo pic.twitter.com/OTnrWHRI

On Thursday evening, Jean-Eric Vergne was in the campsite meeting fans:

@JeanEricVergne: With fans around #Spa! Très bon moment… Good fun, thanks #F1 pic.twitter.com/Li95OzCO

Alonso wasn’t staying in the best hotel it has to be said:

@alo_oficial: I never understood the hotels without plug on the table bed..! Good day to try handmade maxi cable..;))! Good night! pic.twitter.com/Sk6EWOiL

Hamilton posted a video of his family’s dog, Oscar:

@LewisHamilton: Check this out, it’s my parents dog Oscar…he’s like an old man. Follows them everywhere they go. Stupid dog lol http://yfrog.us/eb47xxnrnabndqplgvqvemovz …

@LewisHamilton: Lol just kidding. He’s a Hamilton, very loyal & he’s very smart. I say bedtime & he runs upstairs to bed.

He posted a photo of his race boots on Friday:

@LewisHamilton: These are my race boots. I designed them, lightest boots in F1 & most comfortable. Made by @reebok http://instagr.am/p/O_Hav5L0-Q/

Alonso was picking his cap for next year:

@alo_oficial: Deciding new cap for next year..! Any preference..?? ;))))! #ironic pic.twitter.com/u3nkMCOZ

Ricciardo doesn’t like watching himself on TV, unusual for a sports star:

@danielricciardo: Thanks for the nice comments bout the feature on @skysportsf1. Havent seen it as I dont like watching myself on tv but i’ll take your word

Heikki Kovalainen made a serious typo when texting his girlfriend on Saturday:

@H_Kovalainen: Funny moment, was texting my girlfriend @KataHyde and told her “I had Tina tonight”.. She was like “oh ok…” Was meant to say “tuna”…

Meanwhile, Alonso hit 1 million followers:

@alo_oficial: 174 días después… 1.000.000 #amig@sAlo … GRACIAS! THANKS! Ustedes sabrán.. pic.twitter.com/wBYDyRJz 

He posted this just before the drivers’ parade:

@alo_oficial: Listos para dar la vuelta saludando al público…! Si podemos..;)))!! Ready for the parade lap..? ;))) pic.twitter.com/P53SYVl0

As did a few of the other drivers:

@danielricciardo: Drivers parade. Heading up Eau Rouge! pic.twitter.com/rhojA2sF

@BSenna: Great crowd at Spa!! Torcida grande em Spa. Vários brazucas!!http://instagr.am/p/PEg2a9xzda/

@realTimoGlock: Ready to race. Lost my phone in the parade car. Very honest people just gave it back to me. Thanks a lot!!! Need my music before the race

Alonso appreciated all the tweets he received after the first lap incident:

@alo_oficial: Hi! Thanks for all the messages of support ..! I’m fine and 100% already thinking at Monza! Forza @Felipe1Massa and @InsideFerrari!!

@alo_oficial: I can say that it was a good Sunday despite all…pic.twitter.com/jpx55bDr

@alo_oficial: There are no victories in the war without a scar, no rainbow without the rain ..! See you in Monza! #Leaders #ForzaFerrari

Here’s what Lewis had to say:

@LewisHamilton: Sometimes, bad days are there to remind us that we have good ones to look forward to. So here’s to Monza! Onto the next one…

Here’s what Ricciardo said about his race:

@danielricciardo: Woo great to be back in the points! Very eventful race, would have loved to finish further up but take what we can for now! Bring on Monza!

It was the perfect weekend for JB:

@JensonButton: Perfect weekend! Just need to do that 8 more times this year!! Great to see such a big crowd at Spa and especially so many British flags! :)

@JensonButton: Wow shows how much of a team effort it is…. RT @Jules_Gough: Love this pic @JensonButton :) #winner pic.twitter.com/gRiJL2ml

Nico Rosberg met a young fan in Belgium:

@nico_rosberg: In Spa I met my youngest twitter follower… pic.twitter.com/c33d8hBt

What the teams have been saying:

Caterham were with Giedo van der Garde when he proposed to his girlfriend last weekend:

@MyCaterhamF1: Coolest way to propose to your girlfriend? Do doughnuts in an F1 car in Rotterdam, get out & ask your girlfriend to marry you @GvanderGarde

@MyCaterhamF1: Massive congratulations to @GvanderGarde his gorgeous, soon to be wife Denise. GvdG popped the question in Rotterdam today. AT LAST GIEDO!!

@MyCaterhamF1: The moment reserve driver @GvanderGarde proposed to his girlfriend Denise during our Rotterdam demo on Sunday:http://twitpic.com/aomq0t

It was Valtteri Bottas’ birthday on Tuesday:

@WilliamsF1Team: Good morning all! It’s Spa week, but first things first, its Valtteri #BOTTAS birthday today. Let’s get #BOTTAS trending & send in your msgs

Marussia were looking forward to Spa:

@Marussia_F1Team: What else. Ah yes, our 50th Grand Prix in Spa. What a great place to mark the occasion. Frites-Mayo and Chocolate galore!

Red Bull’s spy posted an interesting photo of Vettel on Tuesday:

@redbullf1spy: But what *could* it be? WTF is Seb doing? We’ll supply answers over the Spa weekend. pic.twitter.com/VgKyty63

They were baffled on Wednesday:

@redbullf1spy: Eurostar to Brussels? Check. Van to Spa? Check. Weird double-decker Paddock? Check. Rain? Er, no… Brilliant sunshine. Something is amiss.

Lotus were in Brussels:

@Lotus_F1Team: So this is Brussels… where to next? Oh yes… the legendary Spa-Francorchamps… #F1 http://instagr.am/p/O6tBF3rk9Z/

They were joined by Jerome D’Ambrosio and Will Buxton on Thursday:

@Lotus_F1Team: Home hero @thereal_JDA has joined us too! Quick catch up with @willbuxton down in the @lotus_f1team motor home #f1 pic.twitter.com/h57LVUxN

Down at McLaren, Lewis Hamilton was being interviewed by Sky’s Georgie Thompson:

@TheFifthDriver: Media day in Spa: Lewis being interviewed by @OfficiallyGT for a SKY Sports F1 feature this weekend http://yfrog.com/oe9asmqvj

Their lunch looked posh on Sunday:

@TheFifthDriver: Setting the table. The guys and girls @absolutetaste always make us feel absolutely fabulous in the Brand Centre! pic.twitter.com/nm5VJWBm

Lotus shared a photo of Raikkonen with Kovalainen before the race:

@Lotus_F1Team: #Kimi is having a giggle with fellow Finn @H_Kovalainen #F1 #SingingInTheSpa http://yfrog.com/oe21zvpj

Sauber had this to say about the turn 1 incident:

@OfficialSF1Team: sorry do not find the right words…..we all know what happend and I do not want to comment on this accident. #F1 #Spa

Random tweet of the day about Jenson Button by the Red Bull spy:

@redbullf1spy: Jenson Button makes a super public speaker, doesn’t he? Really works the crowd.

McLaren were happy with their win:

@TheFifthDriver: AWESOME!!! @jensonbutton parts The Red Sea! Team celebrations kick off in Spa! #magicalspa pic.twitter.com/YUmYp08Q

What the media have been saying:

Last weekend, the BBC’s Jake Humphrey, David Coulthard and Lee McKenzie were having a conversation:

@mrjakehumphrey: Roast chicken & lots of BTCC on ITV4. Getting me in the mood for Spa. Been texting @therealdcf1 & EJ today, we’ve got some fun planned ;-)

@therealdcf1: @mrjakehumphrey let’s hope what you have planned for EJ, the lovely lee and Ben and Gary is socially acceptable?

@LeeMcKenzieF1: @therealdcf1 @mrjakehumphrey I hope so too!!

@therealdcf1: @LeeMcKenzieF1 @mrjakehumphrey what can possibly go wrong when EJ makes a sure plan with jake?

@LeeMcKenzieF1: @therealdcf1 @mrjakehumphrey: you and I have been getting on just fine! The last time Jake and EJ got involved you had to stand on a plane!

Adam Cooper had this to say about the mystery Red Bull photo of Vettel:

@adamcooperf1: #F1 Hmmm, mystery Vettel pic from Infiniti. Maybe he’s breaking into RBR to use the simulator during the shutdown… t.co/PuM0ZDqu

He booked his final flight of the season on Tuesday:

@adamcooperf1: #F1 Phew, finally booked last flight of the season. Those last 7 races involve 19 planes and a lot of $$$! All part of the fun

BBC 5LiveF1 was getting excited about being back on the road:

@5LiveF1: So excited that F1 is back this week! Heading to Spa tomorrow on another #f1roadtrip

Freelancer Kate Walker couldn’t wait to get to Spa:

@F1Kate: One of the highlights of my season is always that first glimpse of Eau Rouge when I get to the track on Thursday morning. #loveSpa

This was her breakfast date:

 @F1Kate: My breakfast date in Brussels. Sexy or what? pic.twitter.com/rT5MRiya

Will Buxton arrived in Spa on Wednesday:

@willbuxton: Nearly there… http://instagr.am/p/O6y2mHGEk-/

So did Sky’s David Croft, but perhaps it was the wrong Spar…

@CroftyF1: So we’re in Belgium for the GP but I’m not sure this is the right place :) http://twitpic.com/ap093x

Meanwhile, it was Jennie Gow’s first time at the circuit:

@JennieGow: Feel like a child at Xmas – I’ve been to a lot of race tracks in my life but I’m saving the best till last – Spa for 1st time tomorrow! #f1

Georgie Thompson wanted to make it clear she wasn’t going to a health spa:

@OfficiallyGT: Off to Spa. The racetrack, not a massage parlour. #BelgianGP

Anthony Davidson was back on the road with the Sky Sports team:

@antdavidson: Heading out to Spa this morning & looking forward to being back with @SkySportsF1 for my first full race weekend since Barcelona!

Natalie Pinkham should have been running the track on Thursday:

@NataliePinkham: REALLY trying to motivate myself to #runthattrack with @CroftyF1 + @simonlazenbysky but a cheeky chat + snack at Red Bull holds more appeal

@CroftyF1: @NataliePinkham @SimonLazenbySky Both of which you can do after your run. How can you attempt 10 peaks when you can’t be bothered to do one?

Autosport’s Jon Noble did manage to run the track:

@NobleF1: One of the real privileges of my job complete: @runthattrack of Spa – and one minute faster than last year #summerfitnessfestpaysoff

David Coulthard shared this photo of his PJs for the weekend:

@therealdcf1: EJ was responsible for our accommodation and he said he would organise the best PJ’s ever, i heard it differently! pic.twitter.com/9wXcSVjD

Natalie Pinkham wasn’t keen on her accommodation:

@NataliePinkham: GT and I genuinely spooked by where we r staying. Like a scene out of a low budget horror. @OfficiallyGT Just. Don’t. Fall. Asleep….!!

Meanwhile, it had become clear the BBC team were sharing a bed:

@mrjakehumphrey: Lying in bed & it’s raining so don’t fancy going outside. Equally @therealdcf1 snoring VERY loudly in bed next to me so can’t stay in here!!

The Sky team were kind enough to remind us it was raining during practice:

@CroftyF1: It’s chucking it down here in Spa but the only place without any water is our commentary box. Me & @antdavidson are a tad parched, DOH!

@OfficiallyGT: It’s raining cats and dogs here at Spa. Upside is it’s making for entertaining banter from @CroftyF1 and @antdavidson on a ‘mega-fill’.

James Allen felt for the fans:

@Jamesallenonf1: #f1 If you are a fan and you chose Friday at S’stone and Friday at Spa to visit F1 track.. my sympathy #extremelywet

Jennie Gow had a rain outfit tweet to share:

@JennieGow: “@allardkalff: @JennieGow lovely outfit !!!pic.twitter.com/aeTwpW87” Yours is no better!!!!pic.twitter.com/cLx1Gnrt

Random tweet from Jake Humphrey:

@mrjakehumphrey: “@trickybroon: @mrjakehumphrey an Englishman Irishman & a Scotsman walk into a bar….” They did, it was mayhem…

Meanwhile, DC and Jake were playing pranks on each other after Jake fell asleep while DC was talking to him:

@therealdcf1: Jake woke up when I applied the toothpaste! I said twitter made me do it. So he is not mad pic.twitter.com/gZjVAkyM

@mrjakehumphrey: Revenge… Night Night. #BBCF1 pic.twitter.com/wdJTqBEK

They were Twitpicing with each other on Saturday morning:

@therealdcf1: Morning Spa, sun shining pic.twitter.com/SfrgHmNp

@therealdcf1: Morning! @therealdcf1 just sent a Twitpic from our balcony. Well here’s a Twitpic of him taking the Twitpic… ;-) pic.twitter.com/Y1c7Udc2

Kate Walker was shocked the drivers didn’t know about the ‘old’ Spa circuit:

 @F1Kate: Was sad to hear some drivers profess ignorance of the old Spa circuit the other day. YOU DRIVE ON IT TO GET HERE! #nosenseofhistory

@willbuxton: Epic fever as the helicam just did a lap of the original circuit on TV here in Spa. Mega!!!

Here’s what the media were tweeting about Lewis’ deleted tweets:

@adamcooperf1: #F1 Bit of excitement at McLaren media gathering over @LewisHamilton’s disappearing Tweets re bad rear wing choice…

@mrjakehumphrey: I personally won’t knock @LewisHamilton 4 his honest & passionate tweets today. I love that Twitter breaks down dull PR-controlled barriers

@alanbaldwinf1: If nothing else, Lewis has shifted the linguistic horizons of several reporters in the press room with his Tweets.

Natalie Pinkham and Johnny Herbert met some lookalikeys:

@NataliePinkham: Johnny and I met Kimi and Seb lookalikeys @johnnyherbertf1 pic.twitter.com/EIgcimgv

Andrew Benson said this about the turn 1 collision:

@andrewbensonf1: Goodness. @alo_oficial very lucky his head did not get hit by @RGrosjean’s car. That was scary

@mrjakehumphrey: “@JennieGow: “@TelegraphSport: Alonso and Hamilton crash pic pic.twitter.com/mppUMeAe” #f1” Remarkable photo!!!

Martin Brundle posted this photo of the pitlane after the race:

@MBrundleF1: The pitlane a short while after the race. You can tell we have a race next weekend. pic.twitter.com/N5jTEGps

I think Jake will be happy to get home after spending 3 nights with DC:

@mrjakehumphrey: Having shared a room with @therealdcf1 for the past 3 nights, I’m delighted my wife doesn’t snore…mind you, DC doesn’t hog the shower!!

Sky’s Rachel Brookes was suffering with my problem this weekend with her iPhone:

@RachelBrookesTV: iPhone batteries are rubbish! Enough juice to check you have heard two 5 place grid penalties for Maldonado and one race ban for Grosjean

Kate Walker was impressed with the stewarding:

@F1Kate: While some of the decisions were controversial, I was impressed by today’s stewarding. Penalties carefully considered, even if unpopular.

On the flight home, Crofty was playing with Natalie Pinkham’s phone:

@NataliePinkham: Hello tweeps, I’m on the plane with @johnnyherbertf1 & @antdavidson & @CroftyF1 who are the greatest blokes in the world ever, ever, fact!

@NataliePinkham: A crucial FYI. The last tweet wasn’t sent by me. Clue as to who did: he supports West Ham, talks too much and loves sausages

@CroftyF1: Just landed back in the UK to see that lovely tweet from @NataliePinkham that’ll teach you to turn your back on your phone Pinks, #fact

Jake was with McLaren’s Mikey Collier on the way home:

@mrjakehumphrey: My banter on the flight home is so bad @mikeycollier is already reading the duty free mag. Who buys perfume on planes?pic.twitter.com/Q9GAmBlF

Finally, Kate Walker was the last to leave the circuit:

@F1Kate: Pretty sure I’m the last member of the F1 circus left in Spa. Must remember to turn off the lights and lock up the circuit before I go.

What everyone else has been saying:

Lewis suggested his brother Nicolas should go training with him:

@nicolashamilton: thanks for waking me up. Lewis just suggested I should go training with him, hmmm don’t want to show him up now do I :)

Former McLaren mechanic and F1B contributor, Marc Priestley, wanted to know if he was the only one who gets distracted by Twitter:

@f1elvis: How many hours a day do you get distracted from the things you’re supposed to be doing by searching Twitter or FB? Or is it just me?

@f1elvis: Relieved to know, by the enormous response to my earlier tweet, that I’m not the only 1 who can’t put Twitter down for more than 10 mins.

McLaren’s Dave Robson had this to say about the rest of the season:

@DaveRobsonF1: Final night at home before the intense second half of the season. Spa, Monza & then a host of flyaways. Going 2 b fun!

Finally, Caterham’s Mike Gascoyne has been on a sea safety course:

@MikeGascoyne: day 2 of my sea safety course. here in a life raft with my full sailing kit on and a life vest! hard work pic.twitter.com/C3jbnL3h

That’s it for this week. Join me again next Monday or Tuesday when I return from Monza for more from the teams, drivers and media at the final European race of the season.

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