F1 Timeline – this week in #F1 – the German GP edition

This week, F1 headed to Hockenheim for the German Grand Prix, and the tweets were much the same as Silverstone, with the Hockenheimring experiencing identical weather to Silverstone. So here’s what the teams, drivers and media have been saying this week…

What the drivers have been saying:

Lewis Hamilton has been tweeting a fair bit this week as he prepares for this 100th Grand Prix. Last weekend, he was in Moscow:

@LewisHamilton: The crowd here are incredible, such a good turn out. Thank you Moscow for having me! https://twitter.com/LewisHamilton/status/224531632961486848/photo/1

Like everyone else, Daniel Ricciardo was missing summer on Monday:

@danielricciardo: Man I miss summer. The real one that doesn’t rain every day https://twitter.com/danielricciardo/status/224844168546091008/photo/1

Alonso found this on Monday:

@alo_oficial: Ferrari..;))) http://instagram.com/p/NJ_4x_wag2/

If you haven’t already, you have to try out Jenson’s smoothie recipe:

@JensonButton: Guys you’ve got 2 try a green smoothie! 1/2 apple, Banana, Kiwi, Pine nuts, 1/2 squeezed Lemon, Actimel, handful of Spinach & some water! :)

He got this response from David Coulthard:

@therealdcf1: @JensonButton oh bugger, I’m right out of pine nuts, will nuts sucked out of a snickers do?

@JensonButton: @therealdcf1: I’ll find you some nuts tomorrow on the bike matey!!

Timo Glock went for a track walk on Thursday, and noticed there was a grandstand that needed filling:

@realTimoGlock: That needs to be packed https://twitter.com/realTimoGlock/status/225893387239292928/photo/1

Meanwhile, Nico Hulkenberg was selling tickets:

@NicoHulkenberg: Just helped out in the Hockenheimring ticketing. Was quite funny :) Video can be seen on Fan TV http://yfrog.com/ob4ozjrj

On Friday, Mikey Collier worked his magic on Jenson Button:

@JensonButton: Morning from Hockenheim! Phsyio Mikey muscles is working his magic on me as we’ve got a busy session ahead with the chance of rain this arvo

Heikki Kovalainen had a photo from the past:

@H_Kovalainen: Hahaha this is a good one, do you recognise these two young guns?! From the same place as the last two pics… https://twitter.com/H_Kovalainen/status/226410738888097793/photo/1

Alonso had some fruit for lunch on Saturday:

@alo_oficial: How is going the day? Here, happy with the pole! But between meetings and interviews, lunch just now..! Some fruit? ;) https://twitter.com/alo_oficial/status/226694410597978112/photo/1

He was also discussing the weather:

@alo_oficial: Tenía toda la pinta que iba a llover…;)) Not so difficult to predict the rain today..;)) #GermanyAlo https://twitter.com/alo_oficial/status/226696558727532544/photo/1

Kovalainen’s girlfriend and the Caterham team threw him a surprise party for his 100th GP on Saturday night:

@H_Kovalainen: Was going to a sponsor event tonight, turned out to be an event organised by @KataHyde and Caterham for my 100th GP… https://twitter.com/H_Kovalainen/status/226746220725559296/photo/1

Glock wished him good luck:

@realTimoGlock: By the way all the best for @H_Kovalainen in his 100 race tomorrow! have fun. See you tomorrow

This morning, the tweeter in Lewis Hamilton emerged:

@LewisHamilton: Ima have two boiled eggs & wheat toast to start my day. What u having for breakfast?

@LewisHamilton: Traffic sucks huh… http://instagram.com/p/NX_-Opr0w_/

@LewisHamilton: So just finished my engineering, had to study start & strategy, now rushing to an appearance #lewis100

@LewisHamilton: Mobil 1 just presented me with a bottle of champaign for my 100th GP with them. #lewis100 http://instagram.com/p/NYQVngr02D/

@LewisHamilton: Also, big up to @H_Kovalainen…we both hit 100!!! Congrats man

@LewisHamilton: drivers parade. Me, @alo_oficial, @felipe1massa, @bsenna and @narainracing #lewis100 https://twitter.com/LewisHamilton/status/226992841602240512/photo/1

And finally, after a disappointing race, he still took the time to tweet this:

@LewisHamilton: Congrats to @alo_oficial. @JensonButton did a fantastic job, team did a great job with car.

What the teams have been saying:

At the start of the week, Sauber and Caterham posted pics of their drivers in the F1 Race Stars game:

@OfficalSF1Team: Exclusive preview of @f1racestars @codemasters! Aren’t @Kamui_Kobayashi and @SChecoPerez adorable? A game for all ages! https://twitter.com/OfficialSF1Team/status/224805573315661825/photo/1

@MyCaterhamF1: Check out this shot of what our team will look like in the new @F1RaceStars game: http://twitpic.com/a8a4jq Thanks to @Codemasters

McLaren were with Lewis in Moscow last weekend:

@TheFifthDriver: Lewis prepping ahead of his first ever run around the streets of Moscow in an F1 car yesterday! #Mobil1MoscowCityRacing https://twitter.com/TheFifthDriver/status/224828543350222848/photo/1

Caterham noticed Kovalainen was getting a lot of attention for his 100th GP on Friday:

@MyCaterhamF1: 100 Grands Prix for @h_kovalainen means more attention than ever on the Angry Birds… https://twitter.com/MyCaterhamF1/status/226330493661085698/photo/1

@MyCaterhamF1: And here’s a great shot of the boys in the garage ready for action in the pitlane https://twitter.com/MyCaterhamF1/status/226330707880980480/photo/1

Who would’ve thought McLaren would win the Sky award for fastest pitstop 3 times this season?

@TheFifthDriver: Here’s @tedkravitz interviewing Sam Michael for SKY. Lee ‘Lethal’ Hart got the best pitstop trophy! We’ve won it 3x! https://twitter.com/TheFifthDriver/status/226558945320382464/photo/1

@TheFifthDriver: To get this good takes practice! So that’s exactly what we’re doing here! #lewis100 https://twitter.com/TheFifthDriver/status/226580577803968512/photo/1

@TheFifthDriver: The best way to beat the traffic: @JensonButton arrives at the Hockenheimring by motorbike! https://twitter.com/TheFifthDriver/status/226596951813128192/photo/1

Lotus had a good photo of Grosjean leaving the garage to face the crowd on Saturday:

@Lotus_F1Team: Out on some new medium tyres for @RGrosjean #EinsZweiDrive https://twitter.com/Lotus_F1Team/status/226611964917469184/photo/1

Williams needed some wheels to go out and qualify:

@WilliamsF1Team: Ok so now he’s ready… Just need some wheels! http://twitpic.com/aa20ye

Marussia also had a great photo to share:

@Marussia_F1Team: And we like this one of Charles & his crew, because they did so well today with that blockbuster engine change https://twitter.com/Marussia_F1Team/status/226717950017667072/photo/1

On Saturday night, Caterham celebrated Kovalainen’s 100th GP:

@MyCaterhamF1: 100th GP for @h_kovalainen who had thought he was going to a sponsor dinner with @KataHyde last night … turned out to be us lot!

@MyCaterhamF1: We were at the incredible Technik Museum in Speyer waiting for HK who truly didn’t know what was planned. He’s not often lost for words!

@MyCaterhamF1: Great night & a very cool way to celebrate 100 GPs with Kova. We have a couple more surprises lined up for him today (but don’t tell him)

After the race, McLaren were proud of their fast pitstop:

@TheFifthDriver: Incredible: @JensonButton’s second pitstop was a NEW WORLD RECORD with a stationary time of 2.31 seconds. #Jenson

What the media have been saying:

The 5LiveF1 team took a road trip to Germany:

@JennieGow: #F1 road trip to Germany & Hungary via Vienna starts soon – any suggestions what @5LiveF1 and I should pack? I’ll start list with sweets!

@5LiveF1: We were also meant to meet up with the @F1Racing_mag gang, unfortunately they are too slow so we ditched them…

@F1Racing_mag: @5LiveF1 I think you’ll find you jumped the start. Don’t worry, we’re on your tail… #F1roadtrip

@JennieGow: Made it :) Now where did we put the breathalysers?? https://twitter.com/JennieGow/status/225680380945129472/photo/1

Anthony Davidson was looking forward to being back on Sky Sports for the German Grand Prix:

@antdavidson: Looking forward to being back with @SkySportsF1 this Sunday now that the back’s feeling good enough!

Will Buxton was up early on Wednesday to head to Germany:

@willbuxton: After a 2am wake up call we have arrived at the hotel in Germany. Too early to check in. Time for a beer then.

@ianparkesf1: @willbuxton Are you completely bonkers! What the hell did you set off so early for? It’s only Germany!!!!

On Thursday, Will Buxton was talking about a missing football trophy:

@willbuxton: Mr @byronf1 makes a salient point. The FOFIFO trophy is still missing. Last seen in the possession of @TheFifthDriver THREE years ago.

@willbuxton: I’m convinced it is in one of the trophy cabinets at the MTC. One day a visitor will ask which race it was for, and nobody will know..

On Friday, Jennie Gow was photographing a hidden Lotus:

@JennieGow: How many men does it take to hide a Kimi invention?!?! http://yfrog.com/odjgxamrj

Sky’s Natalie Pinkham got married on Friday:

@NataliePinkham: Going to the chapel…and we’re gonna get maaaaaaarried…..!!

Sky Sports spotted Michael Schumacher having a moment:

@SkySportsF1: Michael’s ‘what happened there?’ moment… http://yfrog.com/j2euxmuj

They spotted a brave man in the pit lane:

@SkySportsF1: There’s only man brave enough for this pitlane… http://yfrog.com/odzl2flj

Martin Brundle explained why Schumacher crashed:

@MBrundleF1: So MSC wiped 3 corners off his Merc along the barriers because he was on the radio,twiddling knobs+not concentrating. Man enough to admit it

Ian Parkes shared one of Jenson’s jokes from the weekend:

@ianparkesf1: JB asked about lights on back of car. Told journo testing new reversing lights. Journo fell for it until JB came clean, part of aero scan.

 Will Buxton was talking about power cuts during the GP3 race:

@willbuxton: GP3 is go. 15 minutes left… unless the power goes again and then you never know, we might have to use a stopwatch and a pencil.

Sky’s David Croft had a chauffeur for his journey back to the hotel on Friday:

@CroftyF1: My chauffeur home this evening, when you’re ready @nicohulkenberg :)) http://twitpic.com/a9rsnz

@CroftyF1: Have to say that lap of Hockenheim with @NicoHulkenberg was a lot of fun! Some serious sideways action, cheers fella

Sky’s Rachel Brookes stepped into Natalie Pinkham shoes for the weekend as Natalie went off to get married:

@RachelBrookesTV: My office this week-end :-) https://twitter.com/RachelBrookesTV/status/226370172544512000/photo/1

Lee McKenzie was wondering who she would be sharing an umbrella with for qualifying:

@LeeMcKenzieF1: Lovely morning so far! What will weather do today? Silverstone shared an umbrella with Bernie, yesterday Jenson…will I need one today?

She was also wondering what set up she’d need:

@LeeMcKenzieF1: Weather seems unpredictable for qual. @therealdcf1 are we running dry or wet set-up re:clothing?

Freelancer Kate Walker thought the rain was a bit more than a shower:

@F1Kate: I love that Meteo France called this a shower. They need a thesaurus – this is what you would call a torrent.

Sorry guys, Natalie Pinkham’s wedding day was the best day of her life:

@NataliePinkham: A cheesy cliche I know, but that genuinely was the BEST day of my life!!

Johnny Herbert enjoyed being in the comms box for FP3:

@johnnyherbertf1: Enjoyed that commentary with @CroftyF1 in FP3 on @SkySportsF1 this morning. Back with @SimonLazenbySky and Damon for pre post Qualifying

Want to know what the most over-used phrase in F1 is? Ian Parkes has it…

@ianparkesf1: The most over-used phrase in F1 by drivers – “the race is long”. They’re all the same, just over 300km!!!

Will Buxton said this about the podium:

@willbuxton: New podium makes for great TV. And it is mega for the fans at the track too. A bit of interaction… makes the whole thing more real.

Jake Humphrey said this about F1, Lewis Hamilton and social media:

@mrjakehumphrey: Well played @LewisHamilton for sharing his day with all of Twitter via the #lewis100 hashtag. Power of Twitter shown once more #UniqueAccess

What everyone else has been saying:

Red Bull’s Tom Batch told us to believe in McLaren early in the week:

@therealbatchf1: Oh yeah and #believeinmclaren https://twitter.com/therealbatchf1/status/224994796513656832/photo/1

That’s it for this week’s F1 Timeline. Join me again next week for Hungarian GP edition.

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