F1 to litigate its way into 2009 season?

Max & Bernie
Well it wouldn’t be F1 if Max, Bernie, FIA and the teams weren’t at odds over something like espionage, sex parties, scoring system row’s or…diffuser litigation. Max has hinted that litigation could be a large part of the season opening race in Australia next week. Such is F1…a tangled mess of litigation, politics and fan-losing bunk.

F1B, exclusively, called for the FIA to render judgment over a month ago regarding the diffuser. We were confused as to why Max Mosley had heard the case for pro and con and failed to act on a definitive decision. Instead, he mused at the ingenuity of the design and suggested that while he felt it was legal; stewards at races may have a different opinion. F1B was concerned with the lack of a definitive ruling due to the subjective nature, historically displayed, by race stewards. WE felt that Max could have made a decision that would render the issue dead heading in to the 2009 season. Yet Max has chosen to do nothing and now suggest there wasn’t time to send it to the FIA Court of Appeal. He now suggests that litigation or official protests will possibly mar the season opening race(s). There was an issue over the diffuser’s legality and whether there was an official complaint lodged or not the “pro” side of the row addressed Max and explained the reasons it is legal. Fair enough. Max should have inquired on the issue and informed the teams that they had an opportunity to protest; if no protests were done in a timely fashion, then make a judgment that it is legal. In normal human existence it’s called being proactive but apparently that jewel of human ingenuity doesn’t exist in France, Chelsea or Monaco…or where ever Max may be languishing now.

No, we would have been deprived of more F1 absurdities and rhetoric. This year, however, things may be a little different. This year marks, what F1B exclusively revealed, as the start of the FOTA/FIA wars. This year will see Max and Bernie trying everything they can do to drive a wedge between the teams. This is the very model in which they wrested control and billions of dollars off of the sport in the 80’s and they are not about to let the same model bring them down like some half-baked Jean Marie with suspect Nazi history and ties. The irony is so damned thick you can cut it with a chainsaw. Hold on folks; our sport is about to experience a 9.5 on the Richter Scale.

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