F1 website has signup for F1 TV Pro package

Early Sunday morning I was alerted by a terrific TPF follower that if you went to F1.com and logged in, you were given the opportunity to purchase the new F1 TV Pro streaming service. Well, being that I am completely a team player and all about helping F1 succeed in this first-ever product for the series, I signed up and even got a $10 discount for the trouble of being a early adopter…as it were, just a week ahead of the stated launch date for the service.

I diligently purchased the package and it said that important details would be sent to my email address. I have to say, that email didn’t really have additional, important info other than I had purchased the product. Which, of course, is important because if Sean runs low on bourbon and they say I haven’t paid yet, I can prove I did pay and have offered $89 to his fine Kentucky whiskey slush fund.

I posted the purchase on social media and spent the rest of the day trying to help many folks get their purchases made and answering basic questions like:

  • Why is there a dead link to nothing when I click the F1 TV link?
  • Where are all the historic races that I can watch?
  • Why is there no content?
  • How do you sign up, I see nothing on their website about it?
  • Will it be on demand as well as live?

You know, those basic questions. I spent the day helping friends of TPF get their purchases made and answering these questions based on my own hunches. While many folks messaged me and emailed me asking for details, F1 doesn’t speak with us about helping them promote F1 in the US so I have no information beyond any of you as to why:

  • Why would you launch the signup page and yet have no content at least to get started?
  • Why would you not have an announcement on the F1 website if you were now ready to take orders?
  • Would the site be void of content until this coming Friday?

All good questions of which I have no official answers and, as it turns out, neither did F1.com. Many in the TPF community signed up for email alerts regarding the service but nothing has been sent out. No announcement that the signup page is active and we can now purchase the F1 TV Pro service. Don’t ask me, I’m not on Sean Bratches team. No idea why they would have a signup page if they weren’t ready to announce it.

Regardless…who cares about all that nitpicking and nonsense, we’ve signed up for F1 TV Pro and it’s not time to bicker an argue about who screwed who in the run up to the launch, the simple fact is, we’re in baby! We are ready to roll with OVER THE TOP streaming, killer graphics, multiple camera angles showing us views we could only have dreamed of a year ago and much more! Are you kidding!!?? We got ourselves a real broadcast package here! We got Bratches TV!! We’re pumped and ready for the Spanish Grand Prix, Sean! Sean should be sending me a commission check for the sales efforts but I doubt he will…he’s a busy guy.

Now, I still don’t know why they have no announcement on the site or some sort of content up on the streaming service just to show new customers the site is working etc. Who knows but let’s be honest with each other here, we’re going to have to have some modicum of patience with Sean and his broadcast geniuses because this is a first-ever product, it’s massive in scope and bandwidth and I think we can afford to give them a little wiggle room around the niggles and hiccups. If they have none, then Sean and his crack team of broadcast snipers will have done a terrific job.

How did I sign up? Easy, I logged into my account at f1.com and it gave me the option of buying the new service. I purchased the new service and now I wait like Ralphie outside of Higbee’s looking at the Red Rider BB gun! I just hope the service delivers and I don’t shoot my eye out…kid.

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Logging into Formula1.com from Australia and there is no mention of it anywhere. I guess because it won’t be available here for some time.

sunny stivala

Countries where F1 TV PRO will be available at launch in alphabetical order starting with latter “A” Argentina. Anguilla. Antigua and Barbuda. Aruba. Austria. Azerbaijan.

Gary Culy

You write THE BEST articles!! Big fan here

John Stedman

Hilarious article! But… Obvious question: Are you absolutely sure that this whole ‘offer’ isn’t a phishing operation? It certainly has many of the characteristics of one. I’d exercise caution until I actually see this product up and running, substantially glitch-free, and proving that it’s fully functional in all respects.

Steve W

I was thinking the same thing…


I’ve also already payed for my subscription here in Germany. I received a confirmation email from f1.com and can see my subscription on the site.

Gary Shavit

As a wise man said (more than once): “Are you new to F1?” You’re a loyal fan, you pay good money and you get nothing in return. Sounds like everything is working fine in F1.

Steve W

My question is when this new service becomes available, will it actually work?


I think this weekends F1 TV Pro will be a disaster. I don’t blame Liberty really, its a huge undertaking and I don’t know what the size of their trial users were. I would find it really incredible if they are able to pull it off with only minor glitches. It’s not just their end of the deal which could cause problems. Bandwidth into the home could make some users experience really poor. But I’m willing to give them a bit of time to sort out their end of things but would need to see progress week after week.


I guess I have a very jaundiced view of the company providing the “interpipes.” TATA is, well, I suppose the lowest bidder and has rich friends. Leave it there.




all signed up and the clock is ticking, not to mention my subscription is also ticking. Looking forward to some content, anything to know its working


I was also able to sign up and was surprised to find no content at all. I figured they’d at least have thrown up a splash page to say something like “Welcome friends!”, if not other useful information. Ah well. They have a few days before it can actually be called a disaster. I just hope it’s only a partial disaster and gets better over time.


Hey my friends I did my subscriptions a few minutes ago, thanks to this article (Thanks man!!!) but I have some questions… Where do I access to the F1 tv pro app? and In wish dispositive can I access to Can I do from a Samsung Samrt TV??
Sorry about my english, I’m a spanish speaker.
Thank you!!!


According to the press release on April 13th, the following was announced,

“F1 TV will initially launch on desktop. Apple, Android and Amazon Fire mobile and tablet devices will launch shortly thereafter. By summer, the service will also be available to fans on Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV. ”

So it looks like it’s only on desktop for the moment.

Richard L Bunce

NC, they took your advice…. https://f1tv.formula1.com/


Thanks for the tip. I am already a “TV Access” subscriber & am signed up for TV email and no notification on either. When I logged in to my F1 as you suggested, I had to click on “my account” to see the TV offer. Question now is, why is the upgrade full-price, not net of the “TV access” fee?

John Norman

I’ve been wondering if the on board video is only available during live action. I tend to watch the races delayed with my DVR, and run the F1 app for info. I’m guessing I might be asking for too much to have that many cameras available on demand, but that would seal the deal for me if I had that option.


Its on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


its been up and running for me in USA today, keeps crashing but look good so far. Cant wait for launch completion


Thanks for the heads up. The good news is that I can expense the annual subscription. The bad news is that I probably wouldn’t have paid $89.99 at this point otherwise.


Anyone able to view Quali?