F1B change? Not so fast mister!!


With all the best intentions, we sometimes find that the myriad details get in the way of true inspiration. As you may have noticed, we made a change to our website layout last night. The system looked great on our test site and seemed to be working just fine. The plugin’s, code and process was smooth and the new layout was exactly the direction we were looking for to enable an easier user experience. All that sounds great but not if your hosting company doesn’t like your new code and deems you a resource hog on their server’s processor.

So what happened? Many of you visited the site and the layout wouldn’t load properly or format correctly with stories sitting on top of each other etc. That’s not the new layout’s fault, it’s the throttle that Godaddy.com apparently places on an egregious processor user. So while we all visited the site, the processor wasn’t happy about F1B asking it to process the the new code.

With all deference to godaddy.com, I do understand that a website that starts to use a large portion of a processor is an issue. I also understand that the old website layout was also accused of being an offensive layout (although it had been running fine for two years and we made no changes). Our new layout, file management and efforts to reduce our footprint on godaddy.com’s server was met with yet another warning that we are just very ill-tempered children to play with.

What does that really mean? It’s traffic folks. That’s a good thing in many ways but it has created a challenge for us as well. Well, godaddy.com would like us to up our service to a dedicated server and boy wouldn’t that be great! That, unfortunately, takes a lot of cash to do and while F1B is a free site that is not monetized (as to keep the junk ad’s off the site) it also means that the resources are limited.

We are exploring other avenues at the moment but for now, godaddy.com seemed to like the old layout better than the new one (as Grace says…stick with the evil you know). I have replaced the new layout with our old one, paired down a bit, and am discussing hosting options with other companies that assure me they will not send me mean emails about my egregious use of a server’s processor.

With all the best will in the world, we will change and it will be easier, better and dedicated to improving your F1B experience. We just have to find a hosting company that agrees we can do this on a budget that allows us. Stay tuned as we move forward…remember me saying we want you to be a part of F1B? We really mean it…we want you to suffer right along with us as we face the challenges of website design and hosting. It’s like reading Lord of the Rings when they travel through Mordor…you suffer through that whole section just like the main characters as you read along. I think that makes Grace, Frodo and SJ Skid, Pippin…just saying.

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