F1B changes hosting provider…@godaddy = epic fail

As we come to a close of our odd situation with godaddy.com, I thought it only fair to give all of our readers/listeners this important message:


Seriously, the message is this:

ATTENTION: We are changing hosting companies and over the next several hours, F1B may be offline. We apologize for the inconvenience and understand that our issues are not your issues. We regret that the propagation time is a necessary evil but we think it will provide a much better performance and more enjoyable user experience for you in 2011 and beyond.

Godaddy.com update:

Also, I owe you all an update. Godaddy.com finally called me back and it was someone named Gary from their “Office of the President” (read, client retention department). He also had a technical persona named Wayne on the line.

Gary and Wayne, while both nice guys, proceeded to tell us that our server was creating a tremendous amount of traffic and they suggested moving way up the product food chain to a different server package. That’s it. Oh, Wayne did mention that moving all our files would be an extra fee.

The solution to indiscriminately taking F1B down, throttling the bandwidth and creating havoc for our readers without any warning or communication prior to doing so is simply suggesting that spending a lot more money with godaddy.com will help. No restitution for the duress they put all of us through or trouble they caused.

F1B has grown with godaddy.com since 2005 and we have been partners seeking success in our multi-market model. When F1B had reached a pinnacle of success for the package we were paying for, they sent heavy-handed emails to tell us that we were a bane on their server (one tech support person said we were “killing” their server) and that we should promptly fix our issue or buy a bigger server. Fair enough but this is all after the fact and without a peep from them since 2005 that a larger serve may be needed based upon traffic trends etc.

Look, with all deference to godaddy.com, I completely agree with Gary and Wayne’s assessment and understand that their other customers may have suffered due to our traffic but a phone call, warning or coordinated effort would have been nice. Some sort of restitution for the problems would have been nice. You have one chance to exceed a customer’s expectations. It’s about providing customers with a great experience. They chose to do none of those. It’s unfortunate and we wish them all the best in the future.

We’re changing come hell or high water or Mark Hallam’s name isn’t…uh…Mark Hallam. You can’t imagine how I have had to hold Grace back from going to Phoenix and kicking the snot out of Bob Parsons himself…and she could do it too! As we migrate, your understanding patience and consideration are very much appreciated folks.

Also, thank you to those of you who have donated kindly to cover the cost of the migration and increased server costs. We wouldn’t ask for donations if they weren’t incredibly helpful to this process and very much appreciated by each of us.

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