F1B Condolences on Mosley Loss

At times like these we are reminded that the world of F1 is a frivolous thing compared with the reality of the tragic loss of life. F1 is no stranger to that reality and yet each loss carries a stark reminder of what is important in life. Max Mosley has his detractors and allies in his regulatory position as the President of the FIA but no matter what your opinions of his regulations or actions within F1 are; the loss of a son is a tragic thing.

In times like these words are very weak. In fact, if words could speak they would mean even less. F1B offers a heart-felt condolence and regret to the Mosley family at the loss of their son. The F1 community mourns with you and as fans of that community we offer the one thing that transcends sport, business and the politics therein; our sympathy.

Please feel free to post your condolences below and let us unite as a community of F1 fans in our support for the Mosley family during this most difficult time.

~Negative Camber, President

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