F1B Downshift #3 ~ Ari Vatanen

F1B Downshift

It is a distinct honor and privilege to bring the F1B Downshift #3 interview with FIA presidential candidate Ari Vatanen.

I would like to share with you how generous and kind Mr. Vatanen was in contacting me and keeping me posted as to his schedule and desire to be on www.formula1blog.com. In our preamble to the podcast and conversation afterward he couldn’t have been more gregarious and delightful to speak with. A man of real class and integrity in all of my dealings with him; he truly is very excited about what he has planned for the FIA.

His passion for the FIA’s initiative transcends just Formula 1. It encompasses a complete approach to the world of motoring and motorsport and it was truly refreshing to hear someone who had the global benefit as the prime mover instead of politics and egos. A truly incredible man and it was a real honor to speak with him.

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