F1B Downshift #67- Ferrari’s new oil

While visiting Shell’s Eco-Marathon in Houston this Spring, I discovered that Ferrari will be using a new technology motor oil with something called PurePlus. While Indycar fans may already know about the product, the rest of us might be interested to know that it is made from natural gas. By the way, the product used in Indycar is the same product you buy off the shelf.

I was very intrigued about the technology and what it consists of so I was very grateful to get some time with Shell’s North America Motor Oil Technology Manager, Dr. Richard Dixon, Global Brand Manager, Chris Hayek and Senior Lubricants Engineer, Paul Bastien. I wanted to find out more about the product and how it is made so we can discern what benefits we think the 2015 Ferrari Formula 1 car might gain from using Indycar as a development ground.

What I learned is very interesting indeed and I hope you will enjoy this episode as we discover even more technology innovation in the world of motor sport that translates directly to our road cars. You can discover more about the technology right here. As of now, Pennzoil Platinum® and Pennzoil Ultra® Platinum Full Synthetic motor oils are the only ones blended exclusively with these base oils. In Europe, it is under the Helix brand. 

If you do finally pull the trigger on the Viper SRT or a Ferrari 458, you’ll be taking possession of your car with PurePlus technology already in it.

GTL Base Oils Infographic V4


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