F1B Downshift: Ecclestone, bribery, money, Haas & energy drinks

You won’t want to miss this interview with our friend Christian Sylt of Formula Money as we discuss:

  • Ecclestone court case in Germany…will he be convicted? If so, what would happen?
  • What would life in F1 be like in a post-Ecclestone world?
  • Who actually owns Formula 1 and what control do they have over who else might want to own shares
  • What is Gene Haas and Haas Formula doing next as an American team in F1?
  • How did Flavio Briatore gamble on Fernando Alonso and win?
  • Who is the biggest power broker in F1…even more so than CVC?

We talk about all of this and more. If you’d like to understand more about the sport from the top down, then this is an interview to listen to.

You can follow Christian Sylt @formulamoney

Hat tip to Caroline Reed for all her hard work.



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