F1B Downshift ~ Ian James on tires, Pirelli and F1

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Join me as I discuss tires, in brief, with professional driver Ian James. With the Michelin and Pirelli battle for F1 supplier, we thought it would be great to bring you some thoughts from a driver who has worked with tire companies in tire development.

Ian worked with Kuhmo as they entered the ALMS series and knows exactly what he’s talking about when it comes to tire performance and specification. not all of us are tire experts and there are some basic questions as well as more complex thinking for both ardent and new fan alike. Why are tires such a big deal? What makes them fast? Can Pirelli supply F1? Those questions and more.

Look for Ian in the ALMS series with Panoz coming soon. He is a terrific guy and I think you’ll like his insight.


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