F1B Downshift: Lunch with Ferrari & Shell at the Cavallino

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Join me as a guest and sit in on the recent lunch I had in Maranello Italy with Shell and Ferrari. We’ve been working with Shell V-Power this year to discover the difference a fuel makes and part of that discovery was a trip to Italy at the home of Ferrari in Maranello to learn more about the relationship between Shell and Ferrari.

Since I couldn’t take all of you with me, I thought I would bring the lunch to you! We deal in Podcasts at F1B, so I thought I would record the lunch so all of you could sit back and join the casual atmosphere at the famous Cavallino Ristorante across the street from Ferrari’s world headquarters.

In this Downshift episode you’ll hear from:

Lai Stefano Ferrari C600

Stefano Lai, Sr. VP of Communications for Ferrari

Lovett Guy Shell C600

Guy Lovett, Technology Manager for Shell

Waddilove David Ferrari C600

David Waddilove, Senior Engine Development Engineer for Ferrari

Ferrari take their relationship with Shell very seriously. It spans decades and when the 2014 regulations were announced, the team began working together to build the new 1.6 V6 Turbo. You’ll hear how they approached the challenge and a lot of morsels about fuel and oil components in the Formula 1 program.


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