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F1B HDChange, for lack of a better term, can sometimes be inevitable. It is the future slapping us in the face. As with all things, F1B has changed. As you can probably tell, we’ve made a significant change to our layout and while it is dramatically different than our previous iterations; we think you’ll find it easier to read and simpler to use.

Most notably is the simple layout of stories. Gone are the multiple containers that labeled stories with terms you may not place any definition too or reason as to why they were located in the container they were. Everything we publish get’s top billing as it works its way to page 2. Someone once said that simple is better. Apple computer, iPhones and iPads have show us that simple interface is good. Think of it this way:

It is not insulting to make a simple interface for a sophisticated user but it is insulting to make a sophisticated interface for a simple user. You PC, C#, Linux wonks out there are very kind to play down to the simple, intuitive interface. We thank you.

As with many things, it is usually a work in progress and I am still fine-tuning the site. Any feedback you’d like to give is appreciated but I can’t guarantee I can make every change or nuance recommended…I’m not that good a a code jockey folks.

I once heard someone say that if you dig a hole in the wrong place, it doesn’t do any good to dig deeper. Such was the case with the old layout of F1B. It was great and had matured to a point where I think it became complicated and cumbersome. Having said that, this new site does cache it’s content for faster loading and should be an improvement. I have spent the last several weeks working out the details on our test code site and we hope you enjoy all the hard work and effort that has gone into making this new layout. It is a layout that is symbiotic with the changes at F1B for 2011 and we hope you enjoy our new look at approach to F1.


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